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A doorbell with an integrated camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows users to answer the door remotely.

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Convenient and quick setup

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Silent mode helps avoid unwanted noise (e.g. for pets or babies)

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App is free with no monthly charges

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Limited app availability

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Does not allow video recording/storage

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The SkyBell is the only product sold by the company of the same name, and is intended as a security and convenience addition for homeowners. Essentially it is a doorbell with an integrated camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows users to answer the door remotely and see who is calling. It features a video camera, speaker, microphone and motion sensor, and it sends a video feed over WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE. Users can communicate with persons at the door and have a range of controls available from their smartphone.

The SkyBell is meant to be easy to install and maintain, as it requires only a screwdriver to mount and does not require batteries to operate (though it must be connected directly to home wiring). It is durable and designed to withstand all kinds of inclement weather.

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  • Motion sensor alerts users even if caller does not press the button 
  • On-demand access to camera
  • Convenient operation
  • 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity
  • Works from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No batteries required
  • Night vision infrared LED
  • Camera rotates laterally
  • 2-way audio allows communication with caller
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SkyBell App

Users will almost certainly want to download the SkyBell App, which is free for Android and iOS devices. This allows multiple devices (and multiple users) to access the SkyBell's functions remotely.

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How it Works

When a visitor comes to the door, they press the SkyBell button like a normal doorbell. This prompts an alert on the owner's mobile device, and they can then accept or decline the call. Accepting the call allows users to communicate with the caller and also starts a video feed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the app work with any other platforms (e.g. web browsers)?

    At the moment, the SkyBell only works with iOS and Android devices.

  • Does the app function without an internet connection? What happens if the company goes out of business?

    It does require full time access to the internet and will not work without it. SkyBell connects to your home's wireless networks and is compatible with G/N/B wireless networks. However, SkyBell does require an app on your mobile device, otherwise it's just a doorbell. Users will have to update when updates are made available.

  • Is the camera angle adjustable? What is the camera's resolution?

    The video resolution is 640×480. The frames per second (fps) will depend on connection speeds. SkyBell is designed to automatically scale the fps to better prevent dropped connections. Since most people don't stand in front of a door bell to ring it, users can pivot the camera lens 170 degrees to face upwards for towards the visitor.

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Marc Alexander Nieding
06/23/2014 05:09
I have promoted iDoorCam now known as SkyBell last year in August:
Contribution Amount: $127
Payment Method: Credit Card
Perk: Early Adopter
Estimated Delivery Date: October 31, 2013
It is now JUNE 2014 and I still have not received my item.
Check the internet. I am not the only one. People have very bad experiences with delivery, support, service and overall quality. STRONG DO NOT BUY.
I have sent them many emails and they have what I would call the worst service on the planet! They did not reply to my first emails until threatened. Then it takes them 1-2 weeks to reply to a single email. They still have not send me anything. They will do that "soon" and promise me this for months now. This is such a horrible experience. I contributed, because I expected this device to be shipped in return. I even paid international shipping on top. Still nothing. This is the WORST COMPANY on the planet. DO NOT BUY if you expect any service. They do not deserve to be on the market much longer. Strongly discourage you from buying their products! There are better alternatives out there.
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