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The Skullcandy Rocnation Aviator is a product from the collaboration between music artist Jay-Z and Skullcandy.

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attractive detailing

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interesting retro aesthetic

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Comfortable memory foam ear cups, great for plane rides and other long time use.

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ear cups fold inward for storage and easy transportation

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Soind quality is smooth and fidelity is incredible

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much like the Beats these are designed to sell at a premium due to marketing prowess and aesthetic, not the performance of the headphone

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still retains the immature gaudiness factor of a SkullCandy headphone - lacking the class of a Grado or other classic design

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made by SkullCandy - a company known for their tween appeal, lack of headphone sound quality

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A little small- doesn't quite fit over my entire ear

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The Skullcandy Rocnation Aviator is a product from the collaboration between music artist Jay-Z and Skullcandy. The result is a pair of premium quality (and price)  headphones with a distinctive styling inspired by aviator sunglasses. The sound is delivered by a 40mm mylar driver with neodymium magnets. The nylon braided cable should prevent any tangling to the 1.3m long cable. It also has an inline mic enabling the Aviators to be used as a headset for cell phones. Advertised as a premium set of headphones, it uses stainless steel, aluminum, and poly carbonate for various parts of the headphones providing it with a high quality look and finish. It can also be folded and stored in it's provided plush carrying case.

Features / Specifications
  • In-line music and mic control
  • 40mm speaker
  • Mylar drivers with Neodymium magnets
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz
  • 33 ohms impedance
  • 40mW nominal input power (100mW max)
  • 1.3m Nylon Braided cable
  • 3.5mm Gold plated plug
  • Plush carry case
Post Review
01/28/2012 03:14

Ugh. Audiophiles are such snobs these days. Not on this site, but there's many on other sites. Whenever people ask if these are decent headphones, the audiophiles always jump in with "Skullcandy is terrible, get some Sennheisers, Klipsch, Audiotechnica, Shure, Etymotic, etc", when they've never tried these headphones. These are some seriously GOOD cans. Comparing them with my dad's Sony MDR-NC200D's (which are $50 more and rated about the same on CNET), I think that A) they look way cooler, B) they sound better (but have no noise cancellation); the Sony's are very clear and accurate but lack the post-processing that makes the Aviators pop, and C) they're more comfortable. So too all the consumers out there, don't count these headphones out! Don't let the snobs get to you. Buy what catches your interest, not someone else's! :D

04/10/2011 02:29

I bought the brown ones... LOVE THEM! But using them with the thunderbolt. Music sounds great but.... Can't get the Mic to work:( HELP!

Trevor Hegert
03/27/2011 12:53

I don't know why these headphones don't score much higher here. I own 14 pairs of $100+ headphones (my wife says I have an addiction) and these headphones are TOP-NOTCH. The only pair I have that sound better are Grado RS-1's and they were $600. Now it should be said that I listen to mostly Classic Rock, Blues and Jazz, and mostly in lossless encodings of analog vinyl rips. In these styles these headphones excel. The highs and mids are crystal clear, and the bass is perfect for listening to someone play a physical set of drums. If you listen to mostly hip-hop, then you are better off with the Beats by Dre or Skullcandy Skullcrushers. None of my headphones put out more bass than those two, but with that bass comes a major loss of quality in the mids and highs, so avoid them if you listen to full-range music. In addition to great sound, these are so comfy that I can wear them all day with less annoyance even than my Shure or Etymotic in-ears. There is no other over-ear headphone in my collection that I am willing to wear around all day. I never really cared about style, I have worn my clunky Grados or hideous Sennheisers out many a time; but I have to say it is nice to get all the compliments I get with these. That being said, don't let the audiophile snobs tell you Skullcandy headphones are about style and not sound. Many of their offerings are, but these headphones look great and sound even better. The construction and materials exude quality, and the carrying case is beautiful and functional. I really can't see why these phones don't score between 95-100.

Bottom Line:
If you are looking for a great looking great sounding pair of comfy headphones that will make you feel like you're sitting in the studio with your favorite band, these are for you. They are DEFINITELY worth the money.

P.S. Buy from the Apple store if there is one near you. Between their customer service and Skullcandy's lifetime warranty, you're covered if you get one of the dud pairs I have read a few complaints about. Although my headphones have given me NO issues after 3 months and a 100-150 hours of use, nobody is perfect and you could be unlucky. Double cover yourself, buy from Apple and you have 2 customer-service oriented companies to turn to should you ever experience a problem.

Trevor Hegert

Trevor Hegert

03/27/2011 12:56

Also, I have the brown set. They are MUCH classier than the white or black. If you order these online without seeing them, TRUST ME, go with the brown.



04/16/2011 12:04

I have the brown ones too. When my friends first saw them, they thought they were made by "Coach" LOL

03/25/2011 02:39

If you were like me, looking at tons of these reviews and wanting these headphones but not able to try them out, I highly suggest them. Of course, there's always the amazing Bose headphones, but if you don't have the money for the 100$ extra price tag just for the Bose name, get these.

The music quality is great. Bass is ok, it can hit pretty low if you put on the bass EQ on your iPod, but it's not shaking anything. As in, I could hear the cello in the background in one song.
The Percussion is AMAZING. It sounds like you are in the drummers studio.

Minor complaint-slight wind noise when you move your head quickly. 8.5/10 score for me, I'd buy them again.

01/29/2011 11:29

i am looking to bye another pair of headphones and i love skullcandy but i dont no what ones to get i like to roc nation but i dont know enybody have them??



02/10/2011 07:37

These are fairly good headphones. The cushioning is quite soft and overall very comfortable. Something that is not advertised is the fact these are open headphones, they don't seal out outside noise. Bass is not overpowering and the rest of the ranges are fairly pronounced. They do come with a soft case, which feels quite nice for pleather, will not offer any protection from crushing or other blows.



02/11/2011 08:21

I have the brown ones. I REALLY like them. They are very comfortable. They (if turned all the way up) can be mini speakers. I use them low for that reason. They fold up very nicely. And they are half the price of the Beats by Dre, and, in my opinion, much more comfortable and over all better.



03/03/2011 08:57

I have the brown ones as well, they are really really amazing. :)
My favourite part is how comfortable they are, it makes a HUGE difference between these and any other headphones I've ever used.
I prefer the sound of these better as well compared to the Beats by Dre, because the sound is much clearer, and the bass doesnt over power the rest of the music (:

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