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The Skullcandy MFM Pro model is a high end headphone set designed with a closed-ear body and ear port structure.

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tracks load onto the MP3 player with a quick drag/drop action, very easy

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ear cups rotate for a snug, comfortable fit that covers the ears without pressing too hard

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top band is very cushy and comfortable

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easy to switch tracks on the MP3 player on the fly

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bass range very well represented, will rattle your teeth

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blocks out surrounding sound enough to prevent interferrence

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big and bulky, a bit awkward to wear outdoors

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The Skullcandy MFM Pro model is a high end headphone set designed with a closed-ear body and ear port structure. It is targeted for users of all ages who are constantly on the go, but it can also be used casually for home and business. Skullcandy claims the MFM Pro headphones are so unique that Marc Frank Montoya (pro snowboarder) selected the model as the single hottest Skullcandy product on the market. The MFM Pro headphones include large size 40mm diameter driver units, designed specifically to give crystal clear highs and booming lows; Skullcandy claims they are "power drivers". The headphones also feature a very innovative, integrated and fully detachable 1 GB flash memory MP3 player; which allows users to directly play music on the headset eliminating the dependency on multiple media devices. The MP3 player slides directly into place on the headset and also eliminates the need for wires. The bundle comes with an optional battery pack for the MP3 player so it may be removed from the headset and used as a standard media device with any pair of headphones. The MFM Pro headphone set includes additional features such as direct USB upload/download to the MP3 player, DJ style headset design with 90 degree swivel speakers, an auxiliary audio jack with a detachable connection cable, and an LCD display complete with a backlight on the MP3 player. The Skullcandy MFM Pro actually has no set release date as of yet.

  • Closed-ear ear port structure
  • DJ Style headband design with 90 degree swivel speakers
  • Built-in 1GB flash memory MP3 player; MP3 player features an LCD display with a backlight
  • Bundle includes optional battery pack for MP3 player so it can be used without the headphones
  • USB direct upload/download for the MP3 player
  • Auxiliary port with fully detachable connection cable
  • Driver Unit Diameter: 40mm
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