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It is a budget friendly over the head headphone designed to be comfortable to wear, easy to carry and store.

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Sound quality does not suffer at high volumes

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Sounds quality is clearer and deeper than most other Skullcandy models in the lower price ranges

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Bass does not drown out mids and highs, a problem in other Skullcandy models

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Noticeably reduce outside sounds during use

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Stylish design, multiple color schemes and patterns make it easy to find one you like

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Earcup design is somewhat small, awkwardly in the range between on- and over-ear

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Sensitive wire connections are susceptible to damage, especially during active use

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The Skullcandy Agent is a budget friendly over the head headphone designed to be comfortable to wear, easy to carry and store, and stylish. In particular, the Agent is available in 11 different designs and color combinations. Featured is a stashable design wherein the ear cups can be folded for easy storing, large 40mm drivers that allow users to listen to their favorite music with hi fidelity, and a long but braided cable that was engineered to ensure it doesn’t accidentally get tangled up. Note that the Agent has a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, meaning it can be used with traditional devices (MP3 players, computers, radios), so long as they have a compatible port.

  • Budget Friendly Headphone
  • Over The Head Design
  • Low Profile Shape
  • Contour Frame
  • Stashable Travel Design
  • Leather-Touch Ear Pillows
  • 40mm Drivers
  • 18Hz-20kHz Frequency
  • 30mW Max Input Power
  • Nlyon Braided Cable (1.2m)
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Plug
Model Variations
  • Skullcandy Agent | CMYK
  • Skullcandy Agent | ROSKOPP
  • Skullcandy Agent | TERJE
  • Skullcandy Agent | MIXER
  • Skullcandy Agent | SMART & DITZY
  • Skullcandy Agent | CARBON
  • Skullcandy Agent | SHOE BLACK
  • Skullcandy Agent | SHOE BLUE
  • Skullcandy Agent | SHOE WHITE
  • Skullcandy Agent | THROWBACK
  • Skullcandy Agent | BLACK SHEEP
  • Skullcandy Agent | TOKODOKI
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