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The Singer 4210 Inspiration is a low-end to mid-range sewing machine similar to the Singer 4205 Inspiration.

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perfect to learn to sew on as its easy to use and has a good variety of functions

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all stitches come out consistently even and solid

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threading process is very simple, only takes a few seconds

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doesn't make too much noise, although you can hear it

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the reverse is well positioned to make a quick flip and keep working, nice change from the usual tiny flip switch

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can't handle thicker, heavier materials without problems

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earlier models had some design problems that were worked out in following years - hard to tell which year's model you're buying

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bobbin on some units tends to get jammed often

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The Singer 4210 Inspiration is a low-end to mid-range sewing machine similar to the Singer 4205 Inspiration. The 4210 boasts a couple major improvements over the 4205, namely 10 stitch patterns (the 4205 has five) and automatic needle threading. Otherwise, the two sewing machines sport the same feature, including a SureFit bobbin and a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

The 4210 Inspiration's 10 stitch patterns allow it to handle common household sewing purposes as well as simple decorative stitch patterns. Its automatic needle threading makes the 4210 Inspiration very easy to use as it automatically threads the eye of the needle and adjusts for threading errors while sewing. Meanwhile, the 4210 Inspiration's SureFit bobbin can't be inserted the wrong way for faster insertion.


  • 10 stitch patterns 
  • Automatic needle threading
  • SureFit bobbin
  • NoError threading
  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole 
  • StayBright LED light
  • 25-year limited warranty
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