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The SilverSTone LC20 is a entry-level HTPC case.

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Interior is suggestive of where to put individual components, can help planning installation

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Compact overall design fits well into most home theatre cabinets

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Bay doors open very smoothly

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High amount of ventilation and potential fan placement areas, allows greater cooling options

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Matte piano finish and LEDs give this a nice aesthetic to complement most home theatre systems

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Smooth edges reduce accidental injuries from bumps

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Cable routing can become very tight and frustrating, especially with multiple PCI cards

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Remote control design is not terribly intuitive, takes some getting used to

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Installation of components must follow a particular order, and upgrades require removing parts in reverse order

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The SilverSTone LC20 is a entry-level HTPC case. The LC20 is marketed on its aesthetics, ability to operate silently and drive capacity in an enclosure of its size. This case would function equally well as a desktop case as well. For enhanced media center capabilities, the LC20 is available with a multimedia package (LC20B-M and LC20S-M models). This package includes a VFD display and IR remote, as well as media software, adding increased HTPC capabilities to the chassis with an increased cost. The base LC20 cases are geared as entry-level HTPC or mid-range desktop enclosures, while the LC20-M cases are mid-range HTPC cases.

  • 6x internal 3.5" drive bays
  • 2x external 5.25" drive bays
  • 1x external 3.5" drive bay
  • front, rear and side fan slots
  • four front USB 2.0, audio, IEEE 1394
  • aluminum bezel, SECC body
  • available in black (LC20B) and silver (LC20S)
  • dimensions: 21" x 21" x 11"
  • weight: 22 lbs
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