The "Toscana" accent table collection is an excellent example of furniture that is created with Old World values.

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Made with oak veneer and hardwood solids. Whether it’s snuggled up next to your favorite recliner or resting next to the comfort of your sofa, the Chairside End table collection offers ample storage space with a variety of styles and finishes that are sure to flawlessly accent the décor of your living environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can one person easily assemble this item?


  • The photo makes the wood look like a warm, medium brown (slightly orangish/reddish). Is that accurate?

    Warm medium brown with red/orange undertones as you are describing. Very nice sturdy tables!

  • How big is the drawer?

    The inside of the drawer is 7" wide, 5" high and 13"deep.

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