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The Sigma SD15 is a digital SLR camera introduced at the Photokina show in Germany during September of 2008.

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good image stabilization

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larger 3" LCD display with higher resolution than the previous generation SD14 (460k vs 150k dot)

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switches from CF to the newer SD/SDHC standard

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21 frame RAW buffer with a continuous shooting speed of 3FPS

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features a 14-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor - captures individual RGB level information for each individual pixel

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a much needed upgrade to the series - replaces the SD14 which was released in 2006

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not compatible with the latest SDXC card format

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not a huge improvement over the previous generation offering

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limited image sizes - 4 JPEG and 1 RAW, both maxing out at 2640 x 1760px (4MP)

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The Sigma SD15 is a digital SLR camera introduced at the Photokina show in Germany during September of 2008. An upgrade from the Sigma SD14, the Sigma SD15 incorporates a ‘TRUE II’ image processing engine that provides high resolution power and reproduces HD images rich in gradation & 3D detail. Like its peer, the Sigma SD15 DSLR boasts a Foveon X3 direct image sensor with 14 million pixels arranged in three layers of 4.67 million pixels each, to measure Red, Green, and Blue light separately. In addition, the SD15 digital SLR boasts a 3.0” (versus 2.5”) LCD monitor, a mirror lock-up mechanism that prevents vibration when the shutter is released, and an auto focus sensor with 5 focusing points (center, left, right, up, and down) to ensure consistently fast & precise focusing. As for imaging, the Sigma SD15 digital SLR captures up to 4608x3072 JPEG images and 2640x1760 RAW images. Plus, the SD15 comes equipped with Sigma’s proprietary Photo Pro 3.0 software that converts all raw data quickly and easily. The Sigma SD15 retails for $1399.95 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • AF/AE Digital SLR
  • CompactFlash (Type I/II), Microdrive
  • Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor (CMOS)
  • Lossless Compression Raw Data (12-bit)
  • JPEG (Super High, High, Medium, Low)
  • USB 2.0 / NTSC / PAL
  • 3.0” LCD Monitor
  • Auto Focus Sensor w/5 Points
  • Photo Pro 3.0
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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