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The Sigma EF-610 DG ST is an electronic camera flash featuring a Guide Number of 61.

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installation on the camera is very simple, clicks right in, no special setup needed

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compatible with a wide variety of cameras

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generally interfaces automatically with most cameras that will accept it

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light output is very powerful, good for almost any setting

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tilt swivel option lets light bounce off the walls and ceiling, makes a good ambient flash

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fast recharge between shots, sets up for another flash quickly

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some decrease in the brightness is noticeable when taking shots in rapid succession - needs to be accounted for in post-processing

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doesn't allow for manual adjustment of the focal length

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smells funny

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The Sigma EF-610 DG ST is an electronic camera flash featuring a Guide Number of 61. Designed to work with the latest TTL systems on DSLR and SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax/Samsung, and Sigma, the EF-610 DG ST camera flash covers focal lengths from 24mm to 105mm, though it also covers 17mm when the built-in Wide Panel is used. Note, however, that the Sigma flash doesn’t have an auto mode (it doesn’t have its own light sensor), which means one must use full manual flash. Plus it doesn’t have Pentax Wireless built in, and it doesn’t allow for the fine-tuning of power output and other features. It can bounce and swivel, and it obviously supports P-TTL.

  • Electronic Camera Flash
  • Guide Number 61
  • Works w/TTL DSLR & DSLR
  • Autozoom Function
  • 24mm to 105mm
  • Wide Panel (17mm)
  • Tilted Up/Down
  • Manual Flash Mode
  • Confirmation Ready Light
  • Auto Power-Off
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