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The Shure Beta 56A is a compact supercardioid drum and instrument microphone with high frequency response.

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excellent directionality, doesn't pick up ambient noises

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tough enough to take to performances regularly without damaging it

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audio output is clear and detailed, good enough for recording

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lightweight enough to attach to anything without a problem

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plugs into a standard jack without needing any special power or setup

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compact design profile can be positioned well without getting in the way

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captures good audio on a number of different kinds of instruments

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The Shure Beta 56A is a compact supercardioid drum and instrument microphone with high frequency response and gain-before-feedback ratio. The uniform supercardioid pattern also provides noise rejection from unwanted ambient and outside noises. It is typically used for close miking of toms and percussion instruments, brass, woodwinds and guitar amps. The dynamic locking stand has an XLR connection, making set up fast and easy and is designed to stay in position amidst the bumps and vibration of live performance. Hardened steel mesh grille protects against accidental drum stick hits and the rigors of touring. This can be used in conjunction with the Shure Beta 52A kick drum microphone.

  • Tailored frequency response provides drums, amplified instruments, and horns with studio quality sound
  • Built–in stand adapter with dynamic locking system and XLR connector simplifies setup and provides greater flexibility
  • Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain-before-feedback and superior rejection of off–axis sound
  • Compact design reduces stage clutter
  • Hardened steel mesh grille resists wear and abuse
  • Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise ratio output
  • Minimally affected by varying load impedance
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration
  • Legendary Shure quality and reliability
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