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The Shure SE110 are the newest additions to Shure's SE line of Sound Isolating Earphones and the most affordable ones.

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Good sound quality and clarity

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Good price <$100

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Sound isolating foam sleeves - includes an assortment of sizes

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Compatible with recessed iPhone headphone jack

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Comfortable black foam sleeves

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Pretty expensive for earbuds

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Many other better sounding earphones <$100 from major players

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The Shure SE110 are the newest additions to Shure's SE line of Sound Isolating Earphones, and at $99 become the most affordable earphones in the line. These earphones passively isolate its wearer from up to 90% of the ambient noise in their environment. This is done with any one of the included sound isolating sleeves that can be chosen for the best comfort and performance.

The SE110 are based on the same technology as other models in the line but come in $50 cheaper than the $149 Shure SE210 earphones, and feature an iPhone-compatible stereo headphone jack. The Shure SE110 earphones feature a "Balanced Microspeaker", delivering slightly inferior specifications to the more expensive SE210 that is based on what Shure calls a "Hi-Definition Microspeaker".

The SE line of earphones was first released in early 2007 and is geared towards the consumer who upgrades their notoriously lackluster iPod-included earphones. Shure is also known for its E series of professional-grade earphones which includes the Shure E3. According to a Shure survey, 55% of iPod users upgrade their earphones.


  • Sound isolating sleeves passively ambient noise
  • Sensitivity (1mW): 113 dB SPL/mW
  • Impedance (1kHz): 27 Ω
  • Frequency Range: 22Hz – 17.5kHz
  • Fit Kit includes:
    • Three sizes (S, M, L) of the Flex and Black Foam Sleeves
    • Detachable modular cable - includes 3ft. cable
    • Carrying case
  • Balanced Microspeaker
  • $99 (website lists $119)
  • Available in black and white

According to an Aug. 31st press release, the SE110s will be available in mid-September 2007 and retail for $99, even though the Shure website lists $119 as the price for these earphones. The SE110 earphones are available in both black and white.

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