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The Sherwood R-972 is a high-end 7.1 channel A/V receiver.

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heavy feel to the unit feels substantial and durable

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audiophile-level detail and subtlety in the sound, excellent clarity throughout all frequency ranges

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noise-free signal that gives a clean sound on all digital connections

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auto-setup is very easy, mic doesn't need to be moved around or anything

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automated setup is very accurate and balances the speakers well, even an audiophile won't need to make further adjustments

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power output exceeds specs, plenty of volume for any sized room in the home

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large array of inputs, can support connections for everything in a typical household

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The Sherwood R-972 is a high-end 7.1 channel A/V receiver. This receiver fully accommodates HDMI 1.3. The Silicon Optix Reon video processor allows you to scale all video to 1080p. The 32-bit TI audio DSP chips of this A/V receiver allow native decoding for Dolby and DTS lossless formats. The R-972 is equipped with the Trinnov Optimizer, which manipulates speaker response and placement to duplicate the sound of the original recording. There are several audio presets for this receiver, including Bass Only, Audiophile, and Accurate. You can also choose the Cinema EQ feature, when you want your sound to duplicate the theater experience. While using the RF mode of the preprogrammed remote controller, you can operate the R-972 from anywhere within the typical size home. The Sherwood R-972 is equipped with an easy to use Automatic setup feature.

  • 100 watts per channel
  • 32-Bit TI audio DSP chips
  • XM connectivity
  • 4 HDMI video inputs
  • 3 component video inputs
  • 4 composite/S-Video inputs
  • Dual mode preprogrammed remote control
  • Input renaming
  • Adjustable audio/video synch delay by input
  • Automatic digital/analog signal polling
  • Front panel input pack including USB
  • Optical digital plus analog audio and video
  • Automatic setup
  • Headphone output
  • Cinema EQ
  • Trinnov Optimizer
  • EQ choices: Left/Right, Bass Only, Audiophile, Accurate
  • Color coded terminals
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