The Sherwood R-771 is a multi-room 7.1 receiver.

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The Sherwood R-771 is a multi-room 7.1 receiver. A number of DTS and Dolby digital audio standards are used for high definition audio, and a Component Video output is also supplied. This is similar to the Sherwood R-772, but high definition video standards such as HDMI are not used here. Fully digital output of audio is available and there are both optical and co-ax digital inputs. It accepts 7.1 surround sound audio at 192 kHz in 24-bit DAC and outputs at 100 watts per channel. 2 room feeds are available, enabling output in separate zones. Composite and S-Video is converted to Component video output automatically, and gaining proper EQ settings is handled automatically through a supplied microphone.

  • 100 Watts per Channel x 7 in Surround Mode
  • DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix, DTS-96/24, DTS NEO-6 Movie & Music
  • Dolby Digital EX, Adjustable Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone
  • 192 kHz 24-bit DAC
  • Xover frequency selectable at 40 Hz-120 Hz in 20 Hz increments
  • Automatic Speaker Set-up with supplied microphone
  • Room EQ
  • Composite and S-Video conversion to Component Video
  • A/V Synch Delay
  • Discrete On/Off IR codes
  • 2 Optical and 2 Co-ax Digital Inputs
  • Digital Output
  • On Screen Display (available from all video outputs)
  • 8-unit Preprogrammed Remote Control
  • 32-Bit TI processor
  • 12 DSP Modes
  • 7.1 channel direct input
  • Room 2 A/V Output with fixed/variable audio level
  • Rear Center amps assignable to Room-2 feed
  • Cinema EQ
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • Totally Discrete Amplifier Stage (TDAS)
  • Heavy Duty Speaker Binding Posts
  • Quartz PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning
  • Direct Frequency Input
  • Preset Scan
  • 30 Station Presets
  • Sleep Timer
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