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It is a 6.1 channel A/V receiver that features a compact design and is a part of Sherwoods TruDigital amp series.

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AM/FM tuner

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6.1 channels

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includes competent universal remote

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only 17 pounds

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digital amplification (Class D) - less heat, weight and power consumption

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0.20% THD rating

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aging A/V receiver - no digital video inputs such as HDMI, S-video and composite only

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The Sherwood Newcastle R-903 is a 6.1 channel A/V receiver that features a compact design and is a part of Sherwoods TruDigital amp series. The TruDigital amps operate with over 90% effieciency, compared to other amps which usually dissipate half of their energy into heat. These amps also maintain a fully digital signal path from the amplifier input to the output stage for lossless audio reproduction.  The chasis is also only 10" deep letting it fit in smaller spaces than typical amps. It uses Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound and has decoders for Dolby Digital EX, DTS Neo-6 and DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix. There are 2 optical digital audio inputs and one coaxial digital audio input along with several RCA inputs and there are composite and s-video inputs and outputs. Other features include AM/FM radio with 30 station presets, tone controls, cinema EQ and a pink noise generator for surround sound balancing.

  • 100 Watts x 6 (Surround Modes)
  • Equibit TruDigital Amplifier for all Channels
  • DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix
  • Dolby Digital Surround EX
  • DTS Neo-6
  • Dolby Pro Logic II; Movie and Music
  • Dolby Virtual
  • 19 DSP Modes
  • 2 Optical Digital Inputs
  • Coaxial Digital Input
  • Optical Digital Input
  • On-Screen Display
  • Preprogrammed 8-unit Remote Control with Macro Capability
  • Headphone Jack
  • Digital Encoder Volume Control
  • 24K Gold Plated Input/Output Jacks
  • Advanced AM/FM Tuner
  • 4-Gang FM Front end
  • Preset Scan
  • 30 Station Presets (random)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 22 kHz
  • S/N Ratio (IHF at rated power): > 95 dB
  • IMD:
  • Power output (4 ohms): 120 W x 2
  • Adjustable Crossover frequency: 80 Hz; 100 Hz; 120 Hz
  • Crystal Semi-conductor CS-49326 24-bit digital processor
  • Subwoofer Preamp output
  • 3 Rear Panel Audio/Video Inputs (including S-Video)
  • 3 Audio Inputs (including built-in tuner)
  • 2 Video Outputs with "S" and Composite Video (Monitor, VCR)
  • Rear Channel amp assignable to subwoofer
  • Tone Controls
  • Cinema EQ
  • Tone Direct
  • Pink Noise Generator for Surround Sound Balancing
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • Audio Input balance
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