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The BD-HP70U is one of the Blu-ray players new from Sharp in 2010.

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wireless LAN enables internet connectivity without the need for any additional networking gear

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built-in news reader with RSS support

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low energy consumption - uses about half as much electricity at 14w when compared to some competing players

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when paired with a Sharp's AQUOS HDTV the player will automatically switch to "dot by dot" mode for the best possible results

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custom install ready - includes a RS-232C port for external control systems

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a center loading disc drive and dual-shield metal top cover reduces read errors caused by vibration

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quick start mode can increase power consumption dramatically

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The BD-HP70U is one of the Blu-ray players new from Sharp in 2010. This is a high-end model, but like the other Blu-ray players coming out from Sharp, the BD-HP70U is made primarily to be compatible with the Sharp AQUOS LCD HD TV. One unique feature here is the reinforced anti-vibration design with center loading tray. This design will help to cut back on skipping. There is also a custom install feature that includes Deep Color a feature that will enhance picture quality. Like its counterpart, the Sharp BD-HP24U, the BD-HP70U uses only 14 watts of power while in use, and 0.4 watts in standby mode, which makes it Energy Star compliant. Unlike the BD-HP24U, the BD-HP70 is wireless LAN ready.

  • Wireless LAN
  • Ethernet connection that enables NetFlix, BD-Live and RSS feeds
  • Center loading tray
  • Custom-install ready
  • RS-232C port
  • Dual-shield metal top cover
  • Grounded AC power cord
  • High-grade power supply
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Piano black finish
  • Wide format compatibility: BD-ROM/RD/R, DVD/RW/R, DVD+RWR, DVDs,CDs
  • MP3 playback
  • JPEG viewer
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