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It is a high end 60 inch LED LCD HDTV released in August of 2011 along with a 70 inch version called the Elite PRO-70X5FD.

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Intelligent Variable Contrast works in real time

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WiFi equipped / Supports video streaming from Netflix, CinemaNow etc and audio streaming with Pandora, Napster etc

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The Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD is a high end 60 inch LED LCD HDTV released in August of 2011 along with a 70 inch version called the Elite PRO-70X5FD. Designed in tandem with Pioneer and also licensing the Elite name from them, these are a re-introduction to that company's now discontinued Kuro line of high end plasma tv's and feature some of the same technology but with a Full-Array LED display system. This is more efficient and brighter than typical edge-lit tv's, and also features local dimming, in which specific groups of LED's can be dimmed for greater control of contrast in different parts of the screen. Also drawing from the Kuro line is Sharp's quad-pixel technology, which adds a fourth color (RGB+Y), yellow, to the standard three color palette for a broader range of color reproduction. Other technologies found in the Elite are FluidMotion, combining an advanced frame creation system with the tv's unique scanning backlight technology, delivering a greater than 240 Hz effect with improved picture clarity and smoothness and a frame rate of 720hz. Modern additions include a built-in host of applications ready for connection to the internet such as NetFlix, VUDU, CinemaNow, Youtube etc as well as 3D capability with the inclusion of two pairs of 3D glasses. Certifications include THX, typically reserved for best in class tv's, ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification and a choice of AV modes that replicate the settings of previous Elite tv's. Comes with Skype as well, camera kit sold separately.

  • Full array LED display
  • 60" class (60 1/32" diagonal)
  • FluidMotion
  • Local Dimming
  • Intelligent Variable Contrast
  • Elegant form factor, with fine, brushed aluminum finish, precision cut mitered bezel and slim cabinet depth round out the television's premium design
  • Connectivity to Netflix, VUDU, CinemaNow, YouTube, and others
  • 3-D Functionality including two sets of active shutter 3-D glasses
  • Elite Advantage Live, which offers an unprecedented level of support via Internet connectivity where a personal advisor can remotely connect to the TV and provide a variety of services such as setup, picture adjustment, or basic calibration.
  • THX Certified display – reserved for TVs with best in class picture quality, THX Certified displays deliver movie experiences with the same stunning color and detail found in the filmmaker's studio.
  • ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification
  • Variety of AV modes including Elite Pure Mode, a mode that replicates the settings of previous Elite TVs
  • Skype ready (Skype camera kit sold separately)
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