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Similar to Sony's backlighting technology used in their XBR8 series.

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audio output is loud and clear, don't necessarily need a separate home theater system

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DVD content looks great, scales up well

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video is clean, sharp and detailed, looks great with HD content

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plenty of inputs for everything you could ever want to hook up to it

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diffuses room lighting, don't end up with reflections of different light sources

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takes some time to get the picture tuned properly for the best colors possible

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very heavy construction, will need at least 2 people to set it up right

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no stand in the box, designed primarily for wall mounting

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speaker below is in a delicate position, don't want to rest the weight of the unit on it

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The XS1 Series from Sharp is their flagship LCD line of televisions sets introduced in 2008 and is the first line of sets from Sharp that uses an LED backlighting solution. Similar to Sony's backlighting technology used in their XBR8 series, the XS1s use RGB LED technology which they claim makes for an improved picture than Samsung's single color LED solution. Unlike the competitors offerings Sharp was somehow able to provide LED backlighting tech while retaining a slim bezel that is the all the rage in 2008 TVs. Coming in at 1" thick at its most thin point the TV uses a separate box for its video/audio inputs that is then connected to the TV through a single HDMI cable, similar to a simple video switch or receiver. Sharp provides an optional wireless kit that lets the input box and display panel connect wirelessly to promote installation flexibility and reduce clutter.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 10-bit Advanced Super View (ASV) panel
  • 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 150% NTSC color space
  • Separate terminal box with optional wireless kit
  • Inputs: Ethernet x1, HDMI x 5, Component x 2, VGA x 1, RS-232C x 1
  • 1-bit digital audio amplifier

AQUOS Net - through the included ethernet port these sets can be connected directly to the Internet which adds two main features. The first is the ability to view content from the Internet, such as videos, and widgets providing weather and news information. Connecting to the Net gives access to the AQUOS Support Net which lets you Sharp offer customer support such as diagnosing problems and calibrating your television.


The naming convention of the AQUOS XS1 series is: Sharp AQUOS LC-xxXS1U-S where xx refers to the size of the model.

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