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The Sharp Aquos LC-65D93U is a 65" LCD full HDTV delivering a 1080p picture.

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120Hz frame rate conversion (instead of 60Hz as most LCDs)

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4ms response time (instead of 8-16ms as most LCDs)

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High native resolution (1920x1080)

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High contrast ratio for an early 2007 LCD (Dynamic 15,000:1; Native 3,000:1)

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Large diagonal size (65") for 2007 sub-$10k LCD

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Television (and stand) is 130lbs

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Utilizes HDMI 1.2a (instead of HDMI 1.3)

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underperforms when broadcast in 720i

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Possibility of banding due to manufacturing defect at Sharp K2 plant

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Underperforms in motion given its 120 Hz frame rate and 4 ms response time

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on 720i broadcast it underperforms

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The Sharp Aquos LC-65D93U is a 65" LCD full HDTV delivering a 1080p picture. It features a very fast 4 ms response time (8 ms is more typical of an LCD), and high contrast ratio (15,000:1 dynamic, 3000:1 native). It first became available in March, 2007 and retails for around $9000. The large size, and great contrast and response specs at a good price make this an LCD worth considering. However, reports of banding because of a defect at the Sharp K2 plant, and the noticeable omission of HDMI 1.3 support (only supports HDMI 1.2a) are points you should consider as well.

Consider the Samsung FP-T6374 63" plasma as an alternative to this 65" LCD.

Post Review
06/07/2007 05:20

Based upon reputation and history alone I'd imagine that the new plasms from Pioneer will definitely give this set a run for its money. Ignoring price again :)

Andrew Ruess
06/05/2007 07:13

This seems to be one of the best televisions of 2007 (when ignoring price). Has anyone found a better option in either the LCD or Plasma space?

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