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The AQUOS BD Series is Sharp's line of LCD HDTVs with an integrated Blu-Ray player introduced in 2009.

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Image quality is good

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Simple to setup and configure

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Good selection of in/outputs

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Major issues with built-in Blu-Ray / DVD player

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Poor speaker placement, leads to subpar quality sound

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Quality control issues

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Issue persists even after firmware upgrade

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The AQUOS BD Series is Sharp's line of LCD HDTVs with an integrated Blu-Ray player introduced in 2009. For more information refer to the full BD Series report.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • Advanced Super View panel
  • 10-bit panel
  • Fine Motion Enhanced 120Hz 
  • Integrated Blu-Ray player (unknown profile)
  • 24p support
  • 176 degree viewing angle
  • Inputs
    • 4xHDMI
    • 2xComponent (supports 1080p)
    • VGA
  • Early 2009 release date
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11/21/2010 05:43

Concur with reviews. my only problem is the Blu-ray player is tootle crap. Even on the latest and greatest firmware update, you insert disc, say a Hail Mary and wait about five minutes of black screen time. if the disc plays you find yourself shouting YES! as if you won the Lottery. Otherwise it will tell you it can't recognize the disc and eject it. I bought the Avatar 3 disc. The first play, after five minutes it played. Next day, it wouldn't play. I've called Sharp twice and



01/30/2011 05:50

You need to update your firmware. I had the same problem with Avatar as well. I updated the firmware for the BD players and it works fine. You have to use a USB ram drive to update it.

07/04/2009 08:36

DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. I have had nothing but trouble. In my opinion they rushed this to market and there are too many bugs. It has been to the shop twice in two months, and the BLU-RAY still does not work. The TV is fine. I have been trying to get my money back from SHARP but no luck. The repairman said that they had three in the shop just like it and they were skeptical that any of the drives actually work.

06/09/2009 12:59

DO NOT BUY THIS TELEVISION! I bought it 2 days ago. My only hesitation about buying it was that if the attached DVD player goes bad and this has to go out for repairs, you're out a TV while it's in the shop. Sure enough, I put a disc in and midway through the movie, the thing began to stop and start again several times--then it stopped completely. The disc will not eject. I tried the steps in the troubleshooting section, but it still will not come out. At this point, the manual says to call a technician. I'm putting this back in the box and returning it to Costco. I'll never make this mistake again. Sure, you save some space without having to put your Blu Ray player on a shelf someplace. But, believe me, it's not worth the hassle. Save yourself the potential aggravation. Don't buy it to begin with.

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