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The Sharp Aquos LC-32D62U is the smallest 1080p TV on the market at 32".

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Smallest 1080p set available.

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Excellent for use as computer monitor.

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Good black levels when backlight set to resonable output.

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Display is capable of very high backlight levels.

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Integrated QAM tuner for hd cable.

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Benefit as 1080p on this size TV is diminished (you have to sit really close to see the difference)

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Many cable providers encrypting HD channels, making QAM obsolete quickly.

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Aquos Remote is not able to control the Motorola HD/DVR Cable Box (DCT3416) used with Comcast

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The Sharp Aquos LC-32D62U is the smallest 1080p TV on the market at 32". It is a flat-panel LCD TV supporting 1080p with its 2 HDMI inputs, and 1080i HD with its 2 component video inputs. The high-quality 1080p resolution, and smaller size make this a good gaming TV, or to be used as a large computer monitor. The 1080p picture quality removes flicker artifacts typically noticeable when hooking up a TV to a computer.

It makes uses of Sharp's proprietary Advanced Super View/Black TFT panel, which, they claim, brings a higher contrast picture with deeper blacks than other LCD TVs. The LC-32D62U has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 176ยบ (horizontal and vertical) viewing angle, 6 ms response time. It includes a built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuner capable of decoding unencrypted HD channels.

On the other end of the AQUOS product line is the 65" Sharp Aquos LC-65D93U.

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05/18/2007 11:37

I love how 32" is now viewed as small. This would be a pretty good choice for smaller rooms, gaming setups, or as a monitor (as bob1029 does).

05/16/2007 01:01

Im currently using this lcd tv as a computer monitor. It provides a very good, crystal-clear image when used at native resolution. Contrast ratio is good as well, and the response time is more than adequate for the most demanding of gamers. The integrated QAM tuner is VERY nice for those who have unencrypted hd cable channels. The dynamic backlighting mode is very cool for certain games like counter-strike, as the backlight will ramp up when white levels increase, making for a startling effect in a dark room when the player is flashbanged in-game. There are several other modes available, making web browsing or document creation alot easier on the eyes. The tv can also output dolby digital over optical toslink cable for those who are watching ATSC/QAM hdtv along with a seperate reciever and sound system.

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