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Raise the roof with the powerful 10W SHARKK Boombox Speaker.

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Raise the roof with the powerful 10W SHARKK Boombox Speaker. With the rechargeable, high capacity 2500 mAh polymer Li-ion battery, you can rock out with up to 10 hours consecutive playing time!
Need to make a call, no problem! The built in HQ Mic allows you to easily make and receive calls right from your speaker! Among the supported media connections are: AUX Cable, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, with "siri" function.

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Bluetooth v.4.0

Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology, the SHARKK Boombox Speaker features
all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as NFC and incoming call handling.

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Extended Playing Time

The rechargeable, high capacity 2500 mAh polymer Li-ion battery allows
for an extended playing time of up to 10 hours on a single charge!

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Receive Calls

When in active Bluetooth mode, the SHARKK Boombox Speaker can be used to answer or reject incoming calls and redial numbers.
The built-in Mic makes for a seamless, phone-quality conversation.

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Voice Prompts

The SHARKK Boombox Speaker features sophisticated voice prompting software to help guide you through the use of different modes and settings.

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Color Options

  • SBlack
  • Red
  • White
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you pair two of these speakers together?

    Yes but it will require using Bluetooth and a cable. Speaker A will be connected to your player via Bluetooth. Speaker A will be connected to speaker B with a cable. Please see manual for instructions.

  • Can the unit operate on AC power (via the supplied cord/adapter)?


  • Compare this one to the photine soundscape 8, which one is better?

    Well it really depends on what type of sound you want .there both great. But the photine soundscape 8 is more on the instrumental vocal detailed sounds and some good bass that makes sound live . Its a portable mini systeme in your hands excellent product . The sharkk now if u like bass and mids and treble . You like some humming type bass with your music and just want turn it up and jam . The sharkk is made for that clear sound very excellent bass if you want it. Overall both great hard choice I own both of them. but I mainly use the sharkk cause i like bass in my music. The only thing I could say about the sharkk is when it turns on its makes a loud bomb sound and a voice tells you info about paring device or in coming calls .wouldnt recommend for an oiffice . The soundscape doesn't do that more on the quite side just a simple beep sound and flashing light it's more for an inside use like a home or office area .so inside use soundscape 8. Other outdoor use and don't mind the start up sound bomb sound and like bass . Sharkk is one.

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