The Vera Wang Sweetheart Bed, manufactured by Serta, is a high-end mattress.

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The Vera Wang Sweetheart Bed, manufactured by Serta, is a high-end mattress. It is similar to another mattress from Serta, the Vera Wang Signature Bridal Bed, in that they share many features with each other. These features range from the Advanced Comfort Quilt (designed to reduce tossing and turning) to the StaBl-base double beam foundation (provides support and adds durability). The Vera Wang Signature Bridal Bed ends up with an advantage over it however, with a larger number of features such as Sensura fabric (gives a luxurious feeling) and latex foam (adds breathability and resilience). The Vera Wang Sweetheart bed features a continuous support innerspring, which provides the user stability. It also reduces the motion transfer from anyone else sleeping in the bed. It achieves this by using a design that has continuous rows of coil springs. It also helps maintain proper spinal alignment. The Vera Wang Sweetheart Bed also features custom support foam, which helps reduce pressure points. The foam is also 46% more supportive in the center, where the user will need it most for a good rest.

  • Advanced Comfort quilt
  • StaBl-base double beam foundation
  • Continuous support innerspring
  • Custom support foam
  • 46% more supportive in center
  • Helps maintain proper spinal alignment
  • Three comfort choices
  • Consistent support across the bottom
  • Durable
  • Helps improve circulation
Model Options
  • Euro Top - Uses an additional upholstery level at the top of the mattress to add softness to the surface
  • Firm - Uses classic tailoring, and less plush comfort layers at the surface letting the user feel the support to a greater extent
  • Plush - Adds extra plush comfort layers, without the extra upholstery layers of Euro Top and Pillow Top
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