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The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a low-end mattress.

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even support throughout, no sagging points

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lasts a very long time before it needs to be turned or flipped

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has a soft feeling on the top, doesn't make you sore

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offers strong support, good for sore backs

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doesn't disturb your partner when you get out of bed

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built quality is very good, no loose threads or loose stitching

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holds its shape over a long time

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The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a low-end mattress. It shares many features with another mattress by Serta, the Vera Wang Braid, such as the Advanced Comfort Quilt, and the Continuous Support Interspring. However, the Perfect Sleeper ultimately falls short, as it lacks other features such as the Sensura Fabric (a luxury fabric that keeps the mattress cool) and Cushion Support Foam (which helps relieve pressure points). The Perfect Sleeper uses the Advanced Comfort Quilt in order to deliver comfort. It does this by utilizing an egg crate foam layer,  It also helps to circulate the users blood well during their sleep. The other feature of the Perfect Sleeper, the Continuous Support Interspring, which reduces motion transfer. It is able to do that by having every every coil spring hooked up to another. It also provides support across the entire length of the body.

  • Advanced comfort quilt
  • Continuous support interspring
  • StabL-Base double beam fondation
  • Total edge foam encasement
  • Latex foam
  • Memory foam
  • Fireblocker system
  • Helps keep proper spinal alignment
  • 10 year warranty
  • Durable
Model Options
  • Euro Top - Uses an additional upholstery level at the top of the mattress to add softness to the surface
  • Firm - Uses classic tailoring, and less plush comfort layers at the surface letting the user feel the support to a greater extent
  • Pillow Top - Uses an additional upholstery level that lets the user sleep farther from the support system
  • Plush - Adds extra plush comfort layers, without the extra upholstery layers of Euro Top and Pillow Top
Post Review
01/27/2011 09:38

As much as this mattress may not be as posh as some, it has been recognised as a "Best Buy" by Consumer's Digest . So perhaps " some things that don't glitter can be gold"

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