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Superb sound quality is maintained over Bluetooth wireless by using the latest apt-X codec.

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Sennheiser's stylish new over-ear URBANITE XL WIRELESS headphones deliver massive bass with clear treble for a club sound on the move. Superb sound quality is maintained over Bluetooth wireless by using the latest apt-X codec. The XL-size, ultra comfortable, earpads help block out external noise to enhance the listening experience. Cutting-edge wireless technologies including Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC offer supreme ease of use, allowing wireless pairing and multi-connectivity for simultaneous connections to two devices at once. The headphone includes state-of-the-art intuitive touch control panel on the ear cups. Battery life is rated at 25 hours for long listening sessions. The URBANITE XL WIRELESS is built tough delivering exceptional durability with a robust and stylish foldable design.

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  • Wireless Freedom - Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, voice prompts, 3-way-calling, multi-connectivity
  • CD-quality audio - featuring the apt-X codec, the Urbanite XL Wireless can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth apt-X-enabled device
  • Simple to use - intuitive touch control panel on ear cup and convenient connection with two devices simultaneously (phones and computers)
  • Hours of use - 25h of music without recharging, 15 days of stand-by time
  • Peace of mind - 2-years international warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you answer a call and have a conversation without the attached inline mic cable?

    Absolutely. You can hear your conversation real clear..

  • Are these noise canceling?

    No. But they are pretty good at isolating. You can hear music/podcasts clearly on a noisy, crowded NYC subway. The MM 550-X model from Sennheiser is noise canceling if you are specifically looking for that.

  • Is microphone on headset itself or a separate inline wire? I prefer the former.

    It's on the headset itself.

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