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The PX 100 is an open, dynamic, supra-aural headphone primarily targeted for mobile players.

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Near audiophile quality mids and highs

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easy to fold up and store in a carrying pouch for use on the go

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Compared with price, is't a pretty good deal. Clear sound with powerful bass.

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open design is not ideal for use in public - quite a lot of noise leakage in and out

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powerful bass but bloted at times

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The PX 100 is an open, dynamic, supra-aural headphone primarily targeted for mobile players. Their outstanding sound reproduction and foldable design makes them ideal for traveling or listening on the go. Considered by many to be Sennheiser's answer to the Koss budget king the PortaPro, the PX 100 represents one of the great price/performance points in the Sennheiser line-up.

  • Dynamic stereo mini headphones
  • Great for travel and outdoor use with mobile sources such as CD, MD or MP3 players
  • Fold and flip: registered design allows the ear cups to be turned through 90° and fold the headphones closed (headphones will lock in open and closed positions)
  • 1.4 m Kevlar-reinforced OFC copper cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
  • Fits into the shirt pocket: rugged transport case with cord take-up (145 x 75 x 27 mm)
  • Excellent sound quality for mobile audio sources
  • High-resolution sound due to Sennheiser "Duofol" diaphragms with spiral embossing (reduces and spreads eigenforms)
  • Strong Neodymium magnets for extremely low distortion
  • High efficiency and powerful reproduction
  • Balanced and detailed sound image for all types of music
  • Crisp and fast bass response due to system "twin damping" with 80ppi polyurethane and special perforated elements
  • Special baffle (based on the legendary HD 414) ensures very balanced sound
  • Lightweight: only 60 g without cable
  • Comfortable: headband with split padding
  • Rugged and durable: robust steel headband with metal joints, steel-reinforced headband ends, connection to the ear cups tested for durability
  • 2-year guarantee


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02/15/2009 12:34

The case and portability are unmatched. Headband cushions are comfortable on my bald head. Surprising bass. No ear fatigue after hours of listening. Unbeatable at price point.

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