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The Sennheiser PMX 680 are in-ear sport headphones very similar to the Sennheiser MX 680s.

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Strong bass response for this speaker size

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Cord build quality is resilient and flexible, even in cold weather

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Headband design really helps keep earbuds in ears during exercise

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Single-cord design is unconventional and convenient for running or other exercise

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Extension cable option is nice in that it allows different cord length depending on the type of exercise

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Mid- and high-end frequencies sound somewhat muted

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Housing around 3.5mm connectors is sensitive and susceptible to damage after a few months use

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Plastic headband design can be problematic or uncomfortable when wearing glasses or sunglasses

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The Sennheiser PMX 680 are in-ear sport headphones very similar to the Sennheiser MX 680s. The primary difference between the two models is that the PMX 680s sport an ergonomic neckband. Otherwise, the two pairs of headphones sport the same basic features including a highly flexible, shock-absorbing construction, an acoustically open design and high-output drivers.

The PMX 680s' ergonomic neckband provides a more comfortable and secure fit while a reflective strip increases safety during nighttime runs. Its highly flexible, shock-absorbing construction allows the PMX 680s to withstand fairly extreme conditions without issues, remaining fully flexible at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the PMX 680s' acoustically open design allows outside noise to bleed in to the user's ears for greater safety while running.

  • Frequency response: 18 - 20000 Hz
  • Sweat- and water-resistant
  • High-output drivers
  • Acoustically open design
  • Dupont Kevlar reinforced cable
  • Detachable extension cable with volume control
  • Ergonomic neckband
  • 2 year warranty
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