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The Sennheiser PC 333D is a mid-range to high-end gaming headset similar to the Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME.

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microphone is sensitive, everyone can hear you very well

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sound is above average, lots of detail and crispness in the audio

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ears get hot and uncomfortable quickly

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ear pieces press directly on the ear, makes them sore

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imitation leather creates a synthetic sound as it rubs against your ears

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squeezes against the sides of your head uncomfortably

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looks like a lot of cheap plastic, even the chrome hilights are bad

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volume control is hard to turn, often needs two hands

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very heavy construction, gives you a headache after awhile

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The Sennheiser PC 333D is a mid-range to high-end gaming headset similar to the Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME. The main difference between the PC 333D and the PC 330 is the 333D's 7.1 channel sound simulation. Otherwise, the two headsets sport the same basic features including a boom-mounted noise-cancelling microphone and extra large earcups.

The PC 333D's Dolby Headphone technology provides a simulated 7.1 channel environment that allows wearer's to better identify enemy locations based on sound direction. Its boom-mounted noise-cancelling microphone can be easily adjusted while blocking out outside sounds, ensuring only your voice is heard during online communications. Meanwhile, the PC 333D's extra large earcups ensure a comfortable fit even over longer periods of wear.


  • Automatic microphone mute
  • 7.1 channel surround sound powered by Dolby Headphone
  • XL ear pads and a cushioned headband
  • Frequency response: 14 - 22,000 Hz
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Adjustable boom
  • Integrated volume controls on the right earpiece
  • 2-year international warranty
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