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The Sennheiser MXL 51 Street earphones are built on a lanyand, which sits around your neck.

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Lanyard system ensures that the earbuds don't go very far if they fall out during jogging.

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Well-balanced sound quality beyond most other headphones in this price range.

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Automatic snap lock at the back of the lanyard prevents accidental choking.

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Especially good bass response due to BassWind passive bass enhancement.

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Allows for topless jogging as it doesn't rely on an alligator clip to keep the earbuds in place.

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Allows for more convenient headphone transportation while not actively listening to music.

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Triangular carrying pouch is awkward to use.

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The Sennheiser MXL 51 Street earphones are built on a lanyand, which sits around your neck. The earphones come directly out of the lanyard, which is integrated lanyard with loop for your MP3 player.  Created for use with your MP3, CD/DVD/MD player and portable gaming system, they have a 2 year warranty.  The earphones come with earpads, an extension cable and a carrying case.The mini-jack plug is 3.5mm and is right angled. The major difference between the MX 51 and the MXL 51 is the style.  The MXL 51 has the same technical specifications as the MX 51, and the MX 50 but this model comes with a carrying case, symmetrical cable and a lanyard design. The MX 55 VC Street offering a slightly better frequency response at  17 to 21,000 Hz.

  • Carrying pouch
  • Lanyard System
  • Extension cable
  • Designed for use with MP3, CD/DVD/MD players and portable gaming systems
  • Symmetrical cable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Earpads
  • 19 Hz to 21,000 Hz frequency response
  • 64 ohms impedance
  • 116 dB sound pressure level
  • 3.5mm stereo mini-jack right angle plug
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