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The Sennheiser IS 410 is a wireless, infrared stereo stethoset TV listening system.

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unit turns off and turns on automatically when you wear it or put it down

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sound output is clear and as loud as you'll ever need

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stereo separation is excellent, creates a sense of space

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easy to put on and take off as needed, don't get tangled in your glasses

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volume control is easy to brush accidentally with the collar of your shirt

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need to be careful not to go off on even a 45 degree angle or you get static

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feel a bit uncomfortable at first, take some getting used to

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need to stay within line of sight to get them to work

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The Sennheiser IS 410 is a wireless, infrared stereo stethoset TV listening system designed to allow the user to adjust the volume of TV sets and other systems to his or her specific hearing ability. Plus it’s also useful for watching TV or listening to the stereo without bothering other household members. The central transmitter connects via a standard 3.5mm stereo jack plug, after which it can transmit audio up to a distance of approximately 40-ft. Once the IS 410 has been setup and equipped, the user can balance left/right volume or compress the audio for superior speech reception. Also featured is a rechargeable, 16-hour battery.

Additional Information

A stethoset is a type of earphone featuring a central earphone transducer connected to both ears by acoustic tubes laid out in a Y-format similar to that of a stethoscope.

  • Wireless, Infrared Stereo Stethoset
  • Under-Chin, Binaural Design
  • Ideal for TV Sound Transmission
  • 12-Meter, 40-Foot Range
  • Audio Balance
  • Audio Compression
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Automatic Switch On/Off
  • Compatible w/Glasses Wearers
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