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Introduced at CES 2009, the HD 800 are a high end, dynamic, audiophile quality headphone from Sennheiser.

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a further improvement of one of the worlds most popular high end headphone series

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cable is detachable and easy to replace

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a large amount of work was put into materials, both for comfort and the reduction of vibration

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Sennheiser's Premier, flag-ship headphones that will likely become an industry reference.

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largest dynamic driver - extended frequency response

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Extremely neutral

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Driver is a completely revolutionary design, giving a soundstage beyond all other headphones

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requires high end sources and amplification to sound its best

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extremely expensive

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Does in fact have some high-frequency resonances.

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far from the first to use tilted drivers (Stax, AKG)

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One could buy a nice front set of speakers for this price.

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look silly compared to the classic look of the HD 600/650

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Lack of Bass

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Introduced at CES 2009, the HD 800 are a high end, dynamic, audiophile quality headphone from Sennheiser. An update to the popular HD 600 and HD 650 models, the HD 800 features the same open, circumaural design in an updated body which is aesthetically much more modern. Featuring the largest driver of any dynamically driven headphone to date - allowing for improved low frequency response, the HD 800 includes technology that allows it to overcome any potential resonances created by such large drivers in the highs. With tilted drivers that allow sound to be directed at the ear at a 45 degree angle, Sennheiser claims that the HD 800 present a truer listening experience when it comes to spatial extension.

  • Design/Technology: circumaural, open, 56mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency Response: 6 to 51,000Hz (-10dB), 13 to 44,100 (-3dB)
  • Imedance: 300 ohm
  • Connector: 1/4" (6.3 mm) stereo jack
  • Cable: symmetrical, shielded, Kevlar strengthened oxygen-free copper (OFC), 3m
  • Weight: 260g
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