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The HD 600 is an audiophile quality open dynamic hi-fi/professional stereo headphone.

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Detailed sound

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Clear high range, without getting to bright

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Fantastic mid range response

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Bass response is perfect for casual or analytical listening

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Detachable / replaceable cables and ear cushions

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Open, circumaural design is not only good for the soundquality, with the used materials it is so comfortable, you can 'wear' it a full work day, without noticing it.

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A dedicated headphone amplifier isn't needed with most sources.

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The Price is only an option when your going for this kind of sound quality

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Not all mp3-players and laptop soundcards can power this headphones, which can result in (a verry noticable) loss of sound quality. (no problems with the higher branded sources)

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The looks

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The quality of the standard cable, it tends to break just under the ear-parts.

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The HD 600 is an audiophile quality open dynamic hi-fi/professional stereo headphone. The advanced diaphragm design eliminates standing waves in the diaphragm material. The HD 600 can be connected directly to hi-fi systems of the highest quality, in particular DAT, DCC and CD players. This headphone is an ideal choice for the professional recording engineer recording classical music.

  • High-quality open metal mesh earpiece covers for an extremely transparent sound
  • Computer optimized magnet systems minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet systems ensure optimum sensitivity and an excellent dynamic response
  • Exceptionally natural, spatial and accurate sound
  • Detachable, Kevlar reinforced, OFC copper cable
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11/04/2009 06:41

I really love my headphones.
At day time in a noisy environment they are nice to wear al day during study or desk-work due to the comfort, great (real) sound while still in contact with your environment. But at night, when it's quiet, listening goes to a new level. It changed and widened my music taste.

I have them for 4 years now. The only problem I have are the cables, I just broke my second cable. Which means the copper inside of the cable breaks, which results in loss of sound on one side. The first (after about 2.5 years) had a rough live (stuck under chairs etc). Because I paied 25 euro for a new cable I was really careful with it, it still looks new...
But I do miss the sound, so I have to buy a new cable again.

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