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The HD 555 open, dynamic stereo headphones feature a special internal surround reflector.

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Fantastic audio clarity.

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Velour ear and over-the-head pads are very comfortable.

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Nice, long cord (good for home, not that good for portable music players).

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Good bass response, and balanced all around. No need for equalizers.

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Excellent build quality. Lasts very long.

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Open design creates vibrant sound stage effect

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High volume

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Open design, leaks sound both to and from your environment (not suitable for public places)

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Needs power (i.e. an amplifier). They don't sound as good on portable music players.

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Feels a little overpriced

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The HD 555 open, dynamic stereo headphones feature a special internal surround reflector. It generates an extended, spatial sound field, making this model the ideal headphones for home cinema as well as music. Many innovative features such as E.A.R. technology and optimised Duofol diaphragms deliver a whole new level of audio reproduction.

  • Enjoy music in a completely new way: "Eargonomic acoustic refinement" (E.A.R.) design channels the audio signal directly into your ears

  • Advanced Duofol diaphragm technology almost eliminates standing waves inside the capsule

  • Optimized neodymium ferrous magnet systems

  • Outstanding wearing comfort for long listening sessions

  • Long life due to easily replaceable parts

  • Lightweight aluminium voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics

  • Extremely comfortable velour ear pads

  • Surround reflector for an extremely spatial sound reproduction

Delivery Includes
  • HD 555 headphones

  • Adaptor to 3.5mm jack

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05/28/2008 07:10

With a little tweaking you can get these to pretty much murder anything else in their price range. First and foremost, even runs of cable!

05/08/2008 05:51

These are pretty good headphones. They have a nice, balanced sound. Compared to the HD 515s, they are warmer and less tinny. The clarity is good all round, with both bass and treble notes clear.

I've got some comments to make, though. One is that these need to be powered by an amplifier. They sound tinny and bass-less on computers with bad sound cards, and portable music players. I would not listen to these with my iPod Touch, I'm sticking to earbuds.

Also, you need to have good quality recordings. If you have low bitrate recordings, you'll really notice it. Listen from CD, or get some lossless or high bitrate recordings.

Finally, they sit a little tight on my head. However, they are still very comfortable. The velour pads don't itch at all.

4 out of 5.

11/27/2007 01:02

Great gaming headphones. I get awesome audio positioning with these.
HD-555's + Soundblaster x-fi= uber.

12/30/2006 11:40

These headphones sound great. I did a direct head-to-head with a pair of HD 515 (the 555 is the big brother). The 515s sounded tinny in comparison and I would recommend the 555s over the 515s for the extra $50. BEWARE! These, like all open headphones, leak sound like mad and wouldn't be recommended for public places unless you like annoying your neighbors with faint treble.

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