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The Sennheiser HD 212 Pro is a set of dynamic headphones designed for the dj with an incredible emphasis on the bass response.

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Excellent bass response quality

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Sturdy construction

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Relatively wide soundstage for a closed headphone at this price

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Very comfortable (may need some stretching for people with big heads)

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Bass might be TOO heavy for some

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Recessed mids an and highs

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Very bright and harsh sound nature that lacks detail, can cause ear fatigue

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The Sennheiser HD 212 Pro is a set of dynamic headphones designed for the dj with an incredible emphasis on the bass response. These are mid-level headphones that have what some might say 'too much bass' as well as an appealing silver construction. The earpads rest on top of the ear and don't surround them completely due the aural design, and closed means that the headphones form a seal with the ear not letting sound escape or outside noise in. A thin diaphragm is used in the speakers for precise treble and the design is lightweight for extended usage. Comfortable ear pads offer band and spatial sound reproduction due to their foam damping element.

  • Weight(without cable): 130g
  • Sound pressure level(SPL): 112dB
  • Frequency response: 12 - 19000Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 32 ohm
  • Comes with 1/8" to 1/4" adapter
  • Design type: dynamic, closed, aural
  • Double-sided cable
  • Cable length: 3m


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03/17/2010 01:20


Been using these for maybe 2 - 3 years. To me they are very comfortable after a while of use and I basicly don't notice when I got them on because they are so lightweight and they've become so stretched out when I've used them so it just sits gently on my ears with no noticable clamping force, some people may find them slightly too clamping at first but it quickly loosens up. I can fit 95% of my ears inside the earpads when putting my upper earglobe against the pads inside it making it more comfortable and slightly better sound quality and spacier soundstage.


Those who like silver/black combination should like these, personally I think they stand out too much giving a futuristic/alienlike or whatever look but yea I'm only using them at home anyway. The stiff lightweight plastic is very sturdy but still slightly flexible, you can drop these without having to worry about it. It's got a nice amount softened pad on the headband and the earpads are suitable soft and big. This headphone also shuts off ambient noise very nicely, I'd say slightly better than the average closed can and I've heard of people using these as ear protection while at the same time listening to their favorite beats when working in a factory, and I have no doubt that it wouldn't work. You can't fold these headphones. The 3m length cord might be too long for some and especially for portable use.

Sound quality

Well if you like bass then these ones are for you. It's among the bassiest headphones that exist that works perfectly without an amp so it provides a good sound of pretty much any source, it doesn't say "powerful bass" on the package for nothing. I'd say the bass is emphasized towards the slow and boomier low frequency side, 50~70Hz or so, so don't get this one if you're into fast and tight upper bass. To counter this it's got very bright sound nature, the highs are very crisp and bright, perhaps too much for some, and they also unfortunately lacks some detail and are recessed just like the mids which are clearly lacking. But you can improve this part a lot by using a proper sound card with good a equalizer (I recommend Audigy + kX Audio because it makes these ones sound like typical 150€ headphones!). Sounds relatively good for electronica, trance, techno etc and OKish for some rock. Despite the bass is heavily exaggerated and I DON'T recommend these for "flat" EQ enthusiasts, it's the best bass response I've EVER heard among contenders such as Beyer DT770 Pro/80 ohms, Audio Technica ATH-M50, AKG K 518 DJ which are all known for their nice bass output as I prefer quite low frequency bass myself and these gives me the closest feeling of a car setup. I'd really say this is the closest to subwoofer-sounding bass you can get out of an headphone if EQ'ing low frequencies a little furthermore. Also highs needs to be EQ'd or else it'll sound rather boring, slightly muddy or filtered despite it's crisp, but if you raise the 5k ~ 18k range or so a little, they start sounding a lot better but if you raise too much it gets too bright that becomes painful to your ears so it needs precise tweaking in this range. For a headphone of this size it has wonderful 3D positional or surround sound when gaming at least when paired with a proper sound card setup. I'd definitely recommend them for gaming and movie watching!

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