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The CX 250 is a set of in-ear headphones from the Sennheiser company.

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block out surrounding noise effectively when fit right

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good presence to the sound, nice detail and energetic response

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almost no sound leakage unless you have them turned way up

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compact design, don't stick out of your ears or have a bulk hanging down

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cord is fairly durable, won't pull loose too easily

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quality of the sound on par with headphones twice the price

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capable of representing very deep lows, good bass coverage

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volume control only alters the volume a little bit

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The CX 250 is a set of in-ear headphones from the Sennheiser company. Featuring contoured finger grips for precise ear canal placement, this model utilizes an ultra-thin lightweight construction style optimized for on-the-go listening applications. The tight, air-sealed nature of the earbuds offers a considerable increase in low-end frequency support, with in-line volume controls provided for simplistic level adjustment. Three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) of ear adapters are included for users of all ages and sizes, with a right-angled stereo plug ensuring reliable connectivity to a portable media player or smart phone. The CX 250 also features a reinforced symmetrical cable for long-lasting use, and is compatible with all modern tablet devices. A soft carrying pouch is included for travel applications, alongside a 2-year manufacturer warranty to prevent malfunction and accidental damage. 

  • Matte Black aesthetic
  • Contoured earbud grips 
  • Includes 3 sets (S/M/L) of ear adapters 
  • In-line volume control 
  • Reinforced symmetrical cable
  • Right-angled plug 
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • 2-year warranty included 
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