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The Dreamcast is SEGA's swan song system that launched on September 9th, 1999.

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One of the first systems to offer online gameplay

16 agree

Can play burned games without a modchip

15 agree

A wealth of homebrew software is available

14 agree

Built-in 4-player support

14 agree

Excellent graphics well ahead of its time

12 agree

Keyboard & Mouse Combo using standard Controller port

6 agree

unique and relatively expansive game library

6 agree

Led the way with online connected consoles

5 agree

great game catalog

5 agree

Had a great personality

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Limited game library

8 agree

Controller has an awkward design

6 agree

Memory unit system is horrible

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Died too early

4 agree

Overshadowed by the hype of the PS2

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Came out on the market too soon

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The Dreamcast is SEGA's swan song system that launched on September 9th, 1999. Over 10 years old the Dreamcast, as its name implies, represented SEGA's dream to take back the console crown. Unfortunately, for SEGA and its fans, the Dreamcast was totally overshadowed due to the hype of the PS2 and saw middling sales. Just over two years after the launch of the white console SEGA pulled the plug on manufacturing the hardware and became a 3rd party publisher to develop software for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles. The Dreamcast was the first console to come with online functionality out of the box featuring a 56K modem. It also had other unique properties such as a native connection to VGA output, and a memory card system where the cards themselves were actually small handheld game devices.

  • 4 controller ports
  • memory units that plug into the controller (2 per controller)
  • proprietary 1GB GD-ROM system
  • built-in 56K modem
  • processing power capable of outputting 7 million polygons/second
  • 24MB of RAM plus 2MB for sound RAM
Post Review
04/01/2009 02:18

Still one of my favorite consoles ever. Dreamcast had an amazing library of games, was ahead of its time in a multitude of ways and is still actively developed for by the homebrew community. Great system.

02/07/2008 09:14

I should get take it out and download some ROMs... Power Stone is really fun too.

11/21/2007 06:59

Easily one of the slickest consoles ever, but unfortunately it fell victim to a terrible marketing campaign and failed to capitalize on the head-start it had in the next-gen console market wars. Soul Calibur remained the best-looking console game (on any system) long after its release and arguably until the second generation of PS2 and Xbox games. *sigh* getting many hours invested =)

04/02/2007 04:08

The dreamcast can easily run burnt games. They are all over bitTorrent. I have one and love it. I also never be Sonic either. The big fishing guy was obnoxious.

11/02/2006 09:56

Crazy Taxi Rocks!!! I never owned the system though =(

10/06/2006 02:24

Crazy Taxi is a wicked game. Sonic Adventure is awesome too. I never beat it though, I wonder how the later levels were. Maybe I should try it again.

10/06/2006 10:04

My favorite games are: Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi and Loony Toons Space Race. Sonic will always be my most favorite game! :-)

10/05/2006 10:31

So do I! I love all the amazing 2D fighting games that were released, and crazy games like Rez and Space Channel 5, even if they were ultimately released for the PS2.

10/05/2006 06:09

This thing was really nice untill the PS and Xbox came out. I still have one in working condition!

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