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Almond is a revolutionary device that brings touch to Wireless Routers for the first time in history.

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Almond is a revolutionary device that brings touch to Wireless Routers for the first time in history. For the first time users can setup & maintain their router easily from its highly intuitive touch screen. You can avoid the cumbersome PC/Mac based setup that is common with other routers. Its dual purpose -- You can use it either as a Wireless Router or a Range Extender.

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  • 95% of customers set it up in 3 Minutes using Touchscreen Wizard
  • Multi Purpose: Use as primary Router or Range Extender or Wireless Bridge - no built in DSL modem.
  • In Range Extender (Booster) mode compatible with any existing router (ex: Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, etc..)
  • Compatible with PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, XBOX
  • Port Forwarding, Firewall, DMZ, UPnP
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Range Extender (Booster/Repeater)

If you already have an existing router but are not happy with its range, Almond can help you extend its range wirelessly!
It is compatible with most routers from Apple, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, Dlink, Asus, Verizon, AT&T, etc..

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Wireless N Router

Almond can also be used as a full featured Wireless router with speeds upto 300Mbps. 
Just connect it to your Cable/DSL/Fiber modem and follow the intuitive on-screen instructions to set it up 

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Wireless Bridge (WiFi to Ethernet)

You can connect your older devices (PC/TV) that only have Ethernet to a WiFi network.

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Securifi takes Security very seriously. Unlike other routers, Almond is fully secure out of the Box. 
Also, each Almond ships with a unique and random name (SSID) and password set at the factory. 
Almond default SSID's 'nomap' tag prevents your router from being recorded in Google's Location Tracking Database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it?

    It is a router + range extender combo. You can use it as a normal router, or as a range extender if you are satisfied with the router you currently have. You can't use both of those features at the same time, so if you buy this you will have to decide which feature to use.

  • If use it as an extender. How do I know where the best place for it is? Do I just plug it to the wall?

    Yes that all it takes, the extender will let you know if it is within range of your wireless router, if not just plug it into another socket closer to the router. My goal was to extend the signal to my back yard, I plugged it into a wall outlet located on the outside porch. After plugging in it could not pick up the signal, I plugged the unit into an inside wall socket located on an outside wall to the backyard and it picked up the router signal, located in the basement at the front of the house. It picked up the signal and extended it 75' out into the back yard.

  • Why should I get this one vs. other cheaper universal extenders?

    This device is FAR superior to any like device out there. It's good for 100' to 150'. If you're looking for something greater than that, use multiple units. Not all installations readily lend themselves to a wired connection; contrary to what others have said here. A router in "repeater mode" is not necessarily a compromise. These devices are perfectly fine for streaming HD video. That's what I use it for. My router is physically located on another floor at the opposite end of my house. This device's connection has been rock solid sine I've turned it on. Period. I've had mine for some time & have never had an issue with that. Plus, if you have a limited background in WiFi technology, this device is about as easy as they come to set up. I'm a retired network engineer. I highly recommend this product for those who are not able to get a wired connection to all parts of their home....

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