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Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealing systems keeps food fresh longer than traditional food storage methods.

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FSSMSL0160-000 is simple to use and compact in design. It would be a  great backup unit for homes in need of a second unit. The Seal-a-Meal name is one that is well known. If you’ve ever looked into purchasing a food sealer before, it’s likely that you’ve come across this brand before.

The Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer FSSMSL0160-000 is a basic unit that will make preparing foods in advance effortless. It’s  lightweight and ideal for individuals who are just getting started with food sealing. Make freezer burnt and spoiled foods a thing of the past. Start enjoying money and time saving benefits associated with vacuum packing foods.

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  • Accessory Port - Makes it possible to vacuum seal using accessories. Use by inserting one end of the hose into the vacuum sealer accessory port and the other end into the accessory being used.
  • Hands-Free Indicator Light - Lights up to let the user know when its safe to remove hands from unit.
  • Sealing Indicator Light - Lights up to advise user of sealing process taking place.
  • Open/Cancel Button - Stops the sealing process before action is finish and releases the lid once sealing is complete. Gives the user more control when sealing fragile or delicate items
  • Press/Hold and Release - Simply close the lid and press to start the sealing process
  • Vacuum and Seal Feature - Makes packing, sealing, and storing foods easy. Preserve flavor, store extras, protect personal items, and more.
  • Drip Tray System - Catches liquid overflow; dishwasher safe. Keep clean to avoid molding.
  • 3-step food Vacuum Sealing Process - Built user friendly so that even the novice user can begin using right out of the box. Simple 1-2-3- system. 1. Insert bag, 2. Press/Hold, 3. Release.  Press/hold and release system makes sealing simple.
  • Sealing Strip - Creates secure seal to protect foods longer by way of heating element.
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Color Options

  • Grey
  • White
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What's Included

  • FSSMSL0160-000 vacuum sealer
  • Starter bags
  • Accessory hose and hose adapter
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this work with the bags only, or is it compatible with the rolls of FoodSaver?

    Yes, it works with the foodsaver bags. I ordered a roll when I ordered the sealer, and cut the rolls down to smaller sizes when I need them. The only problem I have run into is sometimes I dont get a side sealed correctly when I cut them down, and the sealer will just keep vacuuming and not seal. Now I know to just reseal the side I cut, and once I do that it works perfectly.

  • Can you add a liquid without it being sucked out? I'm wanting it for marinating meat.

    There is a simple way to seal without suction (vacuum). The sealer bar is in front of the vacuum chamber. Simply put bag edge on the sealing portion in the very front. Otherwise the law of physics apply, and it real doesn't matter what sealer you use. It will suck liquid or marinades out of the bag. There is no seal only button. Please for you others, I will not respond any more!

  • What should I do before using my Seal-a-Meal® Cord/Cordless Vacuum Food Sealer for the first time?

    The Nickel Metal Hydride battery should be installed and charged for 12 or more hours before first use.

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