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The Seagate Replica is an automated hard drive backup device.

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Extremely simple backup software, a few clicks later and you are on your way

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Compatible with 64-bit OS, shame it doesn't support anything other than Windows

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Includes a dock that can be used by multiple computers at the same time

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Attractive exterior design, a device that would would actually want sitting on your desk

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Backups can be password protected, great for multiple users

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Compatible with Windows only, disappointing to see a single OS device in 2009

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Backup recovery features are picky, can only restore on identical computers, does not play well across multiple PCs

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The Seagate Replica is an automated hard drive backup device. Upon being plugged in via USB, the unit automatically checks online for updated software, installs it if necessary, and starts copying everything on the hard drive onto itself. An indicator light blinks while it works. When finished, it can be accessed like any other portable drive to retrieve individual files. To recover your entire hard drive's contents, plug it in, turn on your PC, and insert the included boot-up CD. Restoration is automatic.

Note: this device is compatible with Windows only.

Model Variations

The Seagate Replica comes in two capacities with associated MSRPs:

  • Model ST902504BDA101-RK - 250 GB - $79.99
  • Model ST905004BDA101-RK - 500 GB - $139.99

The 500GB model is capable of backing up multiple PCs.

  • 250GB or 500GB capacities
  • Backs up entire hard drive
  • No installation, nothing to configure
  • USB 2.0.
  • Easily retrieve accidentally deleted files.
  • System restore function
  • Password protection
  • Automatically removes the oldest versions of files to free space
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Multi-PC version includes a vertical stand
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