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The FreeAgent GO is a small external hard disk from Seagate.

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small and light, good for portability

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additional power sources aren't required

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high capacity, latest laptop drives

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industry leading 5-year warranty

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Extremely portable and easy to use.

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Great for plug-and-play

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extended capacity versions now contain up to 1TB of data

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does not come with any protective travel case

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Not directly compatible with XBox 360, needs formatting. (Kind of a pain)

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mechanical drives are prone to break if dropped

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Some compatibility issues with some TVs

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higher capacity versions are thicker

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Will not mount on Mac OSX in some cases

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The FreeAgent GO is a small external hard disk from Seagate, designed for individuals who need to bring vast amounts of data on the go without the hassles of optical media or larger bulkier devices. Introduced in May of 2007 with a capacity of 80GB, the FreeAgent GO series has most recently been updated to now hold between 250 and 500GB utilizing the latest 2.5" 5400RPM laptop drives. Allowing for easy encryption and/or backing up of data with pre-installed software, the GO also features an original light display that alerts the user of the status of the drive. For PC the drive is available in 250, 320 and 500GB capacities in silver and black, and 320GB in red and blue. There is a separate version for Apple computers, including both firewire 400 and 800 connectivity alongside the default USB2. With the same capacities, it is only available in silver. 

An optional accessories pack that includes a travel case and desktop dock is sold separately.

  • Capacity: 250, 320 or 500GB
  • Speed: 5400RPM SATA II drive connected through USB 2.0 (480Mbit max)
  • Connection: USB 2.0 connection for power as well as transfer, desktop dock available for convenience
  • Dimensions & Weight: 12.5mm x 80mm x 130mm, 0.35 pounds
  • included encryption/backup tools for easy data sync/security, light display power indicator
Post Review
04/15/2011 10:54

Seagate offers a 'mac compatible' form of this drive that can be quite a bit more expensive. As both a Mac and a Windows user I wanted to use a relatively small and cheap drive to bring files back and forth between partitions. This is completely possible, the only problem is one single file cannot be greater in size than 4 GB. Since I generally don't use single files that are bigger than that, I really don't see it as a con.

Just use your mac's disk utility to format it into an MS-DOS (FAT) drive, it'll make it compatible with both Mac and Windows.

If you want it to function as a time capsule for your mac, just format it instead into a MacOS journaled format, just be aware that a windows computer won't even recognize it.

Trevor Daggitt
11/06/2009 08:07

already had 2 of these drives when I bought my xbox 360 - disappointed to find NOT compatible

04/09/2009 05:50

I am really happy with this drive so far. It's relatively fast and extremely portable. I also like the single USB chord rather than the double chord of older models. The dock is another useful feature. The FreeeAgent GO will work with the Xbox 360, the XBox only works with FAT and FAT32 file systems and not the NTFS format which is the default of the FreeeAgent GO, the drive just needs to be reformatted. This is the only down side I can see to Seagate, most other companies offer support utilities for easily converting their drives from one format to another but not Seagate (at least not that I could find) so I used Partition Magic to do it.

Overall, a very good product that I would recommend to anyone.

12/16/2008 02:37

SeaGate FreeAgent GO does not work with the xbox 360. the xbox 360 does not recognize the drive as a portable device. the power light turns on but the xbox 360 does not mount the drive.

09/26/2008 06:54

I have the "older" version of this drive and am quite happy with it. I took it on a trip to Europe coupled with my Eee PC which essentially gave me unlimited storage for mine and my friends' digital photos and videos. It's extremely light and works fine with any computer I connect it to. The one problem I've found (and I need to confirm this) is the default formatting of the drive makes it incompatible with TVs and my Xbox 360.

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