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It increases capacity and dependability by storing data vertically, rather than horizontally.

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The ideal choice for workstations, desktop RAID, gaming PCs, high-end PCs, mainstream PCs and USB/FireWire/eSATA external storage. After years of pioneering research at Seagate, perpendicular recording is now a proven technology. It increases capacity and dependability by storing data vertically, rather than horizontally. And vertically stored data bits mean increased data density which means higher performance to increase productivity.

This drive delivers excellent power savings without sacrificing drive or system performance, giving customers the ability to manufacture PC systems and external storage systems that meet energy savings requirements. Seagate hard drives have long been produced with the environment in mind, and not just with low power consumption. With Seagate and the Desktop drive, our customers can have the best of both worlds, top hard-drive performance and the satisfaction of knowing they are using a high-capacity drive with a very small eco-footprint.What's in the box: Seagate 3 TB Desktop 3.5" Internal Hard Drive (7200rpm) and 2 Year Limited Warranty.

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  • SATA 6Gb/s interface optimizes burst performance
  • Seagate AcuTrac servo technology delivers dependable performance, even with hard drive track widths of only 75 nanometers
  • Seagate OptiCache technology boosts overall performance by as much as 45% over the previous generation.
  • Best Fit Applications include: Desktop or all-in-one PCs, Home servers , PC-based game systems, Desktop RAID, Direct attached external storage devices (DAS), Network attached storage devices (NAS)
  • Formerly know as "desktop"
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Size Options

  • 500GB 
  • 1.5TB
  • 1TB 
  • 250GB
  • 2TB
  • 320GB 
  • 3TB
  • 4TB 
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The Power of One

The Seagate Desktop HDD is the one hard drive for all your desktop applications. One drive for every need, supported by 30 years of trusted performance, reliability and simplicity.

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Ideal when you need to

  • Build desktop or all-in-one PCs to equip home servers
  • Create PC-based gaming systems
  • Implement a desktop RAID
  • Outfit direct attached external storage devises (DAS)
  • Build network attached storage devices (NAS)
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Proven Quality and Performance

Desktop HDDs are the world's most popular desktop storage solutions. With consistent quality and performance-enhancing innovations and features like native command queuing and perpendicular recording, Seagate delivers time— and time again.

Additionally, Desktop HDDs are produced using the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship. Advanced power modes enables you to save more energy while in idle states—without sacrificing performance. Plus, 70% or more of the materials used to build Desktop HDD drives are recyclable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do these come with SATA III cables to connect to your motherboard or do you have to purchase those separately?

    If the item is listed as being "Bare Drive" then it will NOT come with software, installation hardware (screws), or cables. If you need these items, be sure to order the "Retail Kit" version of the product.

  • Can I use this drive to replace my 500GB hard drive on 5yr old HP CQ5320F which has processor AMD Athlon II X2 240 ? Appreciate your inputs.

    According to HPs website, that computer has SATA connectors on it, so yes you should be able to use it. Couldn't see if it was SATAIII 6GB/s, but if it isn't you will get slower speeds while it's still usable. You will need software to clone your old drive onto the new one and make it bootable. If you have Windows XP on it you won't see more than 2TB, so have Windows Vista or higher.

  • I have a Seagate 2tb drive in a security system DVR. Supposedly all the interface software is on the motherboard. Can I upgrade to this 3tb drive?

    You will most likely need a seagate surveillance HD they are designed to run 24/7.

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