Scientific Explorer Magic Science For Wizards Only is the best resource for any wizard-in-training.

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Scientific Explorer Magic Science For Wizards Only is the ideal resource for any wizard-in-training. This educational, make-it-yourself kit will teach you about the science behind magic, your wizard heritage, famous fellow wizards and unleash a magician within to spark your interest in magical science!

Activities Include creating a Wizard Wand, Magic Hat, Fizzy Frenzy, Hocus Pocus Powder, Frothing Color-Changing Potion, Test Tube Crystal Ball, Magic Wand Lava, Feverish Fizz and Glow-In-The-Dark Bubbling Potion. Supplies and chemicals include, citric acid (3oz.), Baking Soda (2oz.), vegetable oil (2fl.oz.), cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer (1oz.), red cabbage juice powder (0.25oz.), zinc sulfide (0.07oz.), color tablets, 4 test tubes with a stand, wizard wand, 2 caps, 1 small scoop, 1 medium scoop, 1 sheet of star stickers, 1 sheet of purple paper and a science and activity guide.

Recommended for children 6 years of age and older with adult supervision.

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  • Create your own Wizard Wand to cast spells.
  • Look like a real wizard by making your own Magic Hat.
  • Make ordinary powders mystically foam into a Fizzy Frenzy.
  • Use Hocus Pocus Powder to make those same powders change color.
  • Learn to make the Frothing Color-Changing Potion to make colors change and boil before your eyes.
  • You can create your own Test Tube Crystal Ball to see into the future.
  • Harness your sorcery to make a Magic Wand Lava color-changing froth.
  • As your power grows, make a Feverish Fizz of bubbling frothy foam.
  • And for your final magic challange make a Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbling Potion.
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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this set just fizzy water?

    There's a handful of activities included. A lot of them involve 'fizzy water' but not all of them.

  • Are the "Household Items" hard to source?

    The household items are things like vinegar, regular water, clear flavored water or clear soda, liquid food coloring, baking soda and ice.

  • Are the crystals in the wand supposed to turn out hard or soft?

    Soft and gooey.

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What's Included

  • Citric acid (3oz.)
  • Baking Soda (2oz.)
  • Vegetable oil (2oz.)
  • Cross-linked polyacrylate. copolymer (1oz.)
  • Red cabbage juice powder (0.25oz.)
  • Zinc sulfide (0.07oz.)
  • 12 color tablets
  • 4 test tubes with a stand
  • 1 wizard wand with 2 caps
  • 1 small scoop
  • 1 medium scoop
  • 1 sheet of star stickers
  • 1 sheet of purple paper
  • 1 science and activity guide
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