It is a fully automatic battery charger that uses advanced technology to charge up to twice as fast as conventional chargers.

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The Schumacher SC-1200A/CA SpeedCharge is a fully automatic battery charger that uses advanced technology to charge up to twice as fast as conventional chargers. Automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain batteries efficiently. The 50-amp clamps are compatible with both top and side-mounted battery posts. Its easy-to-read LED indicators show battery charge status at a glance. Quickly charge and maintain conventional automotive batteries, deep-cycle, AGM, and gel cell batteries.

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  • 12 Amp fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery charger
  • Automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain batteries
  • Features float mode monitoring
  • Auto Voltage Detection automatically detects 6 or 12 Volt batteries
  • Reverse hook-up protection with LED indicator
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Multiple Charging Modes

Automatically adjusts the amperage rate to quickly charge all types and sizes of batteries. The charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage for car, truck, marine, RV, and farm equipment batteries. Also adjusts automatically to Slow Charge, a trickle setting for charging and maintaining small batteries, such as those for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and lawn tractors.

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Sturdy, Built-In Handle

The built-in, retractable handle serves as convenient cord wrap for the 50-amp clamps and power cord, in addition to providing easy portability.

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Microprocessor Controlled

Microprocessor Controlled Technology with multi-stage charging lets the Schumacher SC-1200A/CA deliver added precision, safety, and battery life. This technology lets you charge your motorcycle, car, or utility vehicle batteries up to 2x faster than using conventional chargers.

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Fully Automatic Operation

The SC-1200A/CA automatically switches from Continuous Charge to Float-Mode Monitoring, which allows the charger to maintain the battery when fully charged. The SC-1200A/CA resumes continuous charging when the battery becomes discharged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the power cord?

    Both the cord for power and the cord for the cables are 6 feet long.

  • Is this good for a deep cycle marine battery? Does this have an engine start mode for jumping the battery?

    Great for a deep charge--up to 12 volts. This is a charger only; not a back-up/starter battery.

  • Will this work for my old 1995 Toyota Camry with 4 cylinders? How do I use it? Is it safe to use? How long will it take to Charge fully dead batterry

    Yes it will work for your vehicle. Year and model of vehicle as well as engine type do not matter, only that it uses (and yours does) a 12V lead acid starter battery. You use it by connecting the battery and setting the start charge rate, which for a car battery would be the higher 12A rate then it reduces rate itself as charge nears the end. Yes it is safe to use although you don't want to leave a lead acid battery continually doing a maintenance charge in an enclosed space if there is any risk of a spark because over a long period (several days) explosive hydrogen gas can build up if it perpetually tries to charge an already charged battery. For practical purposes one would almost have to try to cause a hydrogen buildup since most battery charging would be done in a fairly open area like a garage or building with ventilation. How long it takes depends on how low the battery has been discharged, as there is not really any such thing as "fully dead" for a lead acid battery without ruining the battery to the point where it won't fully charge. Rather, the battery would have dropped in voltage too much to do the job required (start vehicle in this case) but still have some charge in it if it is a good candidate for recharging. The capacity of the battery also matters, but generalizing it would typically take about 4 to 8 hours to charge a battery, over 10 to get it completely charged, but potentially only a few dozen minutes to get it charged enough to start...

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