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The Sceptre X320BV-ECO is an LCD display that is built to be eco-friendly.

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using a digital TV antenna it gets great reception, tuner is good at finding all available stations

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picture is great out of the box, doesn't need adjusting

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easy to set up, automatically detects the settings you need

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picture is sharp and detailed, looks great in HD

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sound is washed out, need to turn it up fairly loud to hear what everyone is saying clearly

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fairly small, only appropriate for smaller spaces or maybe the bedroom

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non-HD channels look very blurry, poor rendering

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The Sceptre X320BV-ECO is an LCD display that is built to be eco-friendly. The 31.5 inch display is formatted in 16:9 widescreen, and is built to consume up to 40% less electricity than a typical LCD display. There are 3 HDMI v1.3 inputs available as well as Component inputs, and high definition video can be processed at detail levels of up to 1080p. Despite this decoding standard, the screen can only reach a maximum resolution of 1366x768. This resolution is also available when taking input from a PC through the DVI or VGA ports. Incoming television signals are decoded using an ATSC, NTSC and QAM tuner. Audio can be played through the built-in speaker, or alternatively can be sent out to a 5.1 digital audio output.

  • 31.5 in Widescreen 16:9 HDTV LCD
  • 3 x HDMI ver 1.3
  • 1080P thru HDMI & Component
  • Self power off (while no signal input)
  • 5.1 Digital Audio Output
  • PC Compatible (DVI & VGA)
  • All-in-One ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
  • VGA Resolution 1366 x 768
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