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It is a a mid-range running shoe that is designed to be slightly more durable than the other ProGrid models.

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excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces, can always feel sure-footed

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enough cushioning to make them feel comfortable if you're on your feet for a long time

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durable construction can handle hiking trails and being scraped on rocks and roots without showing wear

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look sporty and fashionable with jeans, can be worn casually

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good breathability, air passes in and out of them freely keeping your feet cool and dry

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arch support is adequate for people with higher arches, keeps feet relaxed on a hike

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let the rain right in if it starts to come down

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Saucony's ProGrid Xodus shoe is a a mid-range running shoe that is designed to be slightly more durable than the other ProGrid models, especially in its sole, which has better tread and is designed for running on potentially uneven trails. This means that the Xodus weighs slightly more than the other ProGrid shoes, but it is still made of lightweight materials. It has a moisture-wicking, odor and microbe-resistant insole and has a shock-absorbing heel area. The inclusion of the ProGrid sole means that the force of impact is supposed to be spread evenly throughout the foot, and it encourages a more even and continuous interaction with the ground. It also has an arch lock feature that fits the shoe tighter in the mid-region.



  • Released June 2008
  • Intended for running/trail running
  • Lightweight, 12.3 oz
  • Moisture-wicking material and insole
  • Anti-microbial insole
  • Odor-resistant insole
  • ProGrid sole disperses shock and helps make tread more continuous
  • Arch-lock keeps tight mid-foot fit
  • Shock-dissipating heal area
  • Durable sole with better traction than other ProGrid models
  • Men's and women's versions available
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