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The Saucony Type A is a performance light-weight trainer ideal for fast training and efficient runners.

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Comfortable lightweight, ventilated upper material

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Lightweight (250 g)

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Decent cushioning for their weight

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Heel pull-tab makes it easier to pull the shoe on

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Mid-sole water drainage. Good for triathletes

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Laces don't loosen

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Slight rubbing in the heel/achilles

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The Saucony Type A is a performance light-weight trainer ideal for fast training and efficient runners. This shoe has two features that make it a potential good choice for triathletes: 1) mid-foot drainage holes to allow water to drain and prevent you from getting a soggy foot, and 2) pull-tabs on the heel to make it easier and faster to pull this shoe on quickly in transition.

The Type A is made from lightweight materials, including an air-mesh upper, an EVA midsole, and Saucony's I-Grid (a lattice of lightweight EVA pillars) cushioning in the heel. Also, there is a mid-foot bridge that provides some structure to the shoe, that strengthens against torsional forces. In the end this leads to a shoe weighing only 9.1 oz (250 g), that still maintains decent cushioning. The Type A features a performance last for fast heel-to-toe transitions for speed training and racing.

This shoe retails for $90, is only available in red, and comes in both men's and women's versions. However, you can find it available as low as $30 (see Eastbay).

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02/19/2008 09:18

The yellow color/version has a different heel. It is higher and bends slightly forward. It caused me blisters, so I changed to the red model which is the previous one (early/mid) 2007. It has a lower heel section and it is perfect for me. The yellow one is the later 2007 model. It is an excellent shoe, when you have the right model/color. I do worry about it being good for marathons, though.

12/27/2007 08:49

I have two pairs, one with 300 miles and the other with over 500 miles (recently retired for casual use only). Very lightweight--like a racing shoe, but very well cushioned. I run on city streets, mostly concrete, and have not experienced injury or undue soreness. If you are relatively light (I'm 5'9", 160) and have a good stride, I would recommend this shoe without reservation--I'm only on this website because I'm shopping for another couple of pairs!

05/17/2007 05:59

I just bought 2 more pairs. Another blue, and a yellow. I'm giving the blue to my brother. Check out the image gallery for pics.

05/13/2007 02:40

I picked up a pair of these for CAN$30 at a Saucony outlet in blue. As far as I know they only come in red, but the outlet had them in blue and yellow (and only in size 9). THEY ARE AWESOME! Lightweight, good cushioning. You just feel fast in them, what can I say? I did notice a slight rubbing in the heel, but no big deal. I might pick up a couple more pairs before they sell out for future wear.

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