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The Radeon HD 2400 Pro is a PC video card from the Sapphire company.

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stays cool even when you push it hard

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installation is very simple, no surprises along the way

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nice range of overclocking options available

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enough graphic processing power for most modern games

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completely silent operation, no fan or other moving parts

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low profile design doesn't eat up too much room in the case

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outputs are available for every major monitor type, works with everything

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doesn't have the processing power needed for high-end games, usually can't run things on max settings

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The Radeon HD 2400 Pro is a PC video card from the Sapphire company. Featuring a full host of HD-compatible technologies, this model incorporates full support of Microsoft DirectX 10 for smooth, state-of-the-art graphical rendering. Built on a 64-bit DDR2 structural interface, the card can be equipped with up to 256 megabytes of on-board memory for optimal processing speeds. Offering native support of the AMD Avivo HD chipset, users can tap into Blu-Ray and HD DVD decoding through Universal Video Coding technology. A silent passive cooling system has been implemented to ensure that operations temperature don't reach an unsafe level, evenly distributing heat throughout the unit for balanced, functional use. Standard and high-definition television formats alike are handled by the AMD Killeon encoder, implementing both under-scan and overscan compensation in effort to minimize graininess and unwanted artefacts. In addition, The 2400 Pro's ability to run two independent display controllers simultaneously enables fast, glitch-free mode switching with high-quality scaling capabilities for both pre and post-processed graphics engines. 

  • Microsoft DirectX 10 support 
  • 64-bit DDR2 memory interface 
  • Full HD capabilities 
  • Up to 256MB on-board memory 
  • Silent passive cooling 
  • 3D environment support 
  • Universal Video Decoding technology 
  • AGP 4X/8X support 
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