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Sapphire's version of the inexpensive budget 4670 card.

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fan throttling works perfectly

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most of the professional 4670 reviews are of this exact model

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good number of accessories

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first 4670 to hit the market

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fairly quiet stock fan cooler

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Low power requirements at 59 Watts, no extra power plug needed.

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Twin DVI out work well in Ubuntu and Windows.

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Very good value for a low to mid range machine.

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Decent performance across a wide range of tasks.

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more expensive than competing brands which are technically superior on paper

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stock cooler isn't the greatest

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includes electrolyte-based capacitors (not as long lasting as completely solid-state based cards)

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Sapphire's version of the inexpensive budget 4670 card. Features the stock ATI reference cooler. For more information on the AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4670 see the main article.

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07/22/2009 10:46

Have had it running without any problems in both Ubuntu and Windows XP for about a year runing dual monitors at 1440 by 900. I rarely notice any noise from my box so I would have to say noise is not a problem. I feel I have a very good card that does what I need it to do. I feel I paid the right price at the time, although the current price for these is almost too low. People will think they are not very good. I am tempted to buy another.

11/16/2008 03:09

Card is working nicely with an Accelero S1 on it running passively. 40-60C, stable, fast and rather quiet stock (silent now). First went with an Asus model which was technically superior but I had a horrible experience. Highly recommended card - great value.

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