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The Sanyo VPC-TH1 is a 720p HD camcorder offered by Sanyo.

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comfortable to hold while shooting

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extremely easy to use, no instructions required

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files are saved as MP4 format, many editing programs work well with it

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comes with a replaceable 16GB SDHC card that's generally more than enough storage for most people

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files can never be more than an hour long at top HD quality

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zooming in and out puts the loud of the camera's motors onto the recording

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IS doesn't work very well, handshake severely disturbs the video

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zoom button feels flimsy, like it's about to break

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lots of noise in low light conditions

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comes with a CD that isn't very helpful at all

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The Sanyo VPC-TH1 is a 720p HD camcorder offered by Sanyo. As well as recording HD video at 30 fps in MPEG-4 format, it is capable of taking 2-megapixel digital photos and can shoot high-speed sequencial shots at 13 fps. It has a 30x optical zoom and features a digital image stabilizer that can be used on video or photos for clear images, even when zoomed in. There is also a built in flash for taking photos in low light. There is a large flip-out 3 inch LCD display which rotates up to 285 degrees to get a good viewing angle for awkard shots or when using in a confined space. It features face chaser technology which can recognize up to 12 faces at once for videos and still pictures, and optimizes the focus and aperture settings to make sure all subjects are in focus. A new technology in this camera is Three-Dimensional Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) which improves video quality by reducing random signal noise. The Sanyo VPC-TH1 is SD/SDHC memory compatible and comes in blue, red or silver.

  • Effective pixel count/Camera element:
  • Photos: 1.10-Megapixels 
  • Videos: HD: 0.97-Megapixels
  • SD: 1.10-Megapixels
  • Camera Element: 1/6 inch CMOS sensor, ~ 1.10-Megapixels (total)
  • Recording Media: SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card (up to 32GB) Internal memory: ~ 43 mb
  • Recording file formats:
    • Photos: JPEG (DCF, DPOF, Exif Ver2.2)
    • Videos: ISO standard MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.MP4)
    • Audio: 48kHZ sampling, 16bit, 2ch, AAC
  • Resolution (pixels) Still shots:
    • 2M: 1600 x 1200
    • 1.1M: 1184 x 888
    • 0.9M[16:9]: 1280 x 720 
    • 0.3M: 640 x 480
  • Resolution (pixels) Continuous shots:
    • 2M: 1600 x 1200, 13fps/Max 29 photos
    • 1.1M: 1184 x 888, 13fps/Max 30photos
  • Resolution (pixels) Movie clips:
    • HD-SHQ: 1280 x 720 (30 fps/ 9Mbps)
    • TV-HR: 640 x 480 (60 fps/6Mbps)
    • TV-SHQ: 640 x 480 (30 fps/3Mbps)
  • Lens:
    • 30x optical zoom lens; Aperture: F=1.8(W) – 4.3(T)
    • Focus distance: f=2.5 to 75.0mm; 
    • Galvanometer method structure, Auto focus: 7 groups, 10 elements (2 aspheric elements, 3 aspheric surfaces), Built-in neutral density filter
    • Photos: f=43-1290mm(=35mm) Optical 30x zoom 
    • Videos: f=43-1290mm(=35mm) Optical 30x zoom
  • Photo range:
    • Standard: 50cm to infinity (wide), 1.0m to infinity (tele) 
    • Super macro: 1cm – 1m (wide)  
  • Digital Zoom: Shooting: 50x max., Playback 25x max. (2M mode, depending on the resolution)
  • Low light sensitivity (video):
    • Approx. 11 lux (Auto mode, 1/30 sec.) 
    • Approx. 3 lux (High-sensitivity/ Lamp mode, 1/15 sec.)
  • Stills sensitivity: Auto (ISO 50 – 200), Manual (ISO 50/100/200/400/800/1600, Switching system)
  • Digital Image Stabilizer: Photos: Digital Image Stabilizer (electronic), Videos: Digital Image Stabilizer (electronic)
  • Microphone: Built-in stereo, Speaker: Built-in monaural (L+Rch mixed output)
  • LCD monitor: 3.0 inch, Low-temperature polysilicon TFT color widescreen LCD display, Approx. 230,000 pixels (7-level brightness, 285 degrees rotation)
  • Languages: English/ Japanese/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Dutch/ Russian/ Portuguese/ Turkish/ Japanese/ Thai/ Korean/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese
  • Interface: AV output Video: HDMI/Composite video, NTSC/PAL USB 2.0 (high-speed mode compatible)
  • Power source: Lithium-ion battery x 1 (DB-L50 included: 1900mAh)
  • Power consumption: When using battery: 2.8W (when filming videos)
  • Approx. battery-use time: 
  • Photos: approx. 470 shots (CIPA standard), Continuous video filming: ~200 min. 
  • Continuous playback: ~ 570 min.
  • Dimensions/Volume: 53.3 (W) x 57.3 (H) x 105.0 (D)mm (maximum dimension, excluding protruding parts), Volume: approx. 327cc
  • Weight: ~ 226g (main unit only), ~ 269g (including battery, approx 41 g, and SD card, approx 2 g)
  • Video Recording Time (Total Time), SD Memory Card Type 16GB:
    • HD-SHQ: 3hr51min
    • TV-HR: 5hr43min
    • TV-SHQ: 11hr06min
    • Audio Memo: 261hr
  • Number of Photographs, SD Memory Card Type 16GB:
    • 2M: 11,600
    • 1.1M: 14,200
    • 0.9M [16:9]: 15,100
    • 0.3M: 19,200
    • 2M Seq.: 11,600
    • 1.1M Seq.: 14,200
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