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It is a 47" diagonal LCD HDTV that has full 1080p/120Hz LCD and Internet Ready Connectivity using LAN or a wireless adapter.

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Performs well for the price.

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awesome picture quality and great price movies in full high definition ... even better when using my playstation 3

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great when paired it up with my BLU RAY PLAYER

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Pandora account doesn't appear to save for some reason. Wall mounts are in line with coax (cable in) so good luck getting a wall mount kit that won't get in the way.

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Have owned the tv for 15 months. Sound is now intermittently going out.

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The Sanyo DP47460 is a 47" diagonal LCD HDTV that has full 1080p/120Hz LCD and Internet Ready Connectivity using LAN or a wireless adapter (which comes included).

The DP47460 comes with a high gloss black finish and a coaxial digital audio output that allows you to hook it up to a home theatre amplifier, for a full and includive sound. It comes with a thin, space saving design and has a small footprint so that you can place it just about anywhere in your home. It comes with a detachable pedestal base, so that you can mount it on your wall. It has a wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio, a dynamic contrast ratio of 3600:1, and has 3 HDMI inputs, 1 of which is DVI compatible.

  • 47" LCD HDTV
  • full 1080p/120Hz LCD
  • internet ready connectivity
  • high gloss black finish
  • coaxial digital audio output
  • space saving design with small footprint and removable pedestal
  • wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • dynamic contrast ratio of 3600:1
  • 3 HDMI inputs, 1 DVI compatible
  • 191 total channels
  • receives ATSC signal formats that convert to 1980p
  • two 6x12cm speakers
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06/30/2012 04:48
06/30/2012 04:47
06/30/2012 04:47

this tv does not last always turns off on it's own had it for 14 months will never buy a sanyo again this tv should be on recall sanyo needs to recall this tv has a great picture but it sucks

02/18/2012 10:09

great picture , bought the tv from Walmart , lasted one year ,keeps shutting off .took to shop because it is still under warranty . been in the shop for one month so far. the repair shop is still waiting for the parts to be shipped from Mexico . called Sanyo to check and parts still have not been shipped, sound goes off all the time, i would never buy any sanyo product again



03/22/2012 01:47

Mine does the same thing. Good luck with the repair. Post if it works.

Michele Wallace
03/24/2011 12:14

I absolutely love this tv! I bought it as a floor model from Walmart. It was clearanced because it was a floor model and was missing the owners manual, remote and wireless dongle. With one phone call to Sanyo to purchase the missing items, they offered to send them to me free of charge. Their customer service is superb! They even called back within an hour to see if we were satisfied with the rep that helped us. Even if the tv wasn't great, I would recommend this company just for their customer service. I have had terrible service from other companies..i.e.Keurig, AT&T, so it is great to deal with a company that cares about their customers. They offered these items with no questions asked. All in all I paid about $500 and I am so pleased!

03/24/2011 06:52

My audio will sometimes go out as I am changing channels. I must turn it off and back on then it is OK again. Any ideas? Cable box and HDMI cable has been replaced with no help. Cable provider is stumped too.

Eric Burton
03/10/2011 02:14

Has anyone ran into the problem where the Netflix application when pressed will not load it will go back to the main tv screen, but all other net applications do work? It is an awesome tv, but this is the only thing I have an issue with. The Netflix worked for about he first week of owning the tx, then it stopped working...any advice?



04/04/2012 12:52

Im having the exact same problem. Sanyo told me it needed to be serviced, so I know it can be fixed. The closest repair center to me is an hour and a half away. Kind of annoying if you ask me...



09/21/2012 11:03

I'm having the same issue. My son was watching Netflix on it a couple of nights ago and was working fine. After he went to bed I tried turning it back on and it wouldn't work. It still is not working. I'm also having problems with the audio going out. We just got this tv for Christmas of 2011.

02/23/2011 09:29

i just got this tv. love the picture, but am having some audio problems. every now and then the audio goes out. i have changed the cable box and tv , still the same problem. any one else had this problem????

02/15/2011 02:52

i searched a long time for a new TV. ran across this one in all places, walmart. just happened to see it and checked it out. thought i still was going to look for perfect TV. well boy did i get lucky. turns out the price on this tv was over $900. it was sale priced at $750. they were out and they sold me the display model with all manuals, the dongle everything but the box for $625. at 47 inches its huge. the pic quality amazing. the wireless connection is flawless. i needed all the ports, wanted 120hx and 1080p flexibility. got everything i wanted for $400-$500 less than i was looking to pay. altogether outstanding. making my house completely wireless media driven and this was a huge step towards finishing. now im down to paying only elec bill and my broadband service. cut my bills down from $500 a months to just over $100 total. this TV was the final piece. i cant say enough. it is perfect and a perfect performer. have to say, luvin sanyo now.

02/10/2011 06:51

should have bought this tv a long time ago instead of wasting money on less comparable tv.s

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