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The Xacti VPC-HD2 is an update of the Xacti VPC-HD1, improving its CCD and light sensitivity.

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HDMI interface

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Records 720p HD content

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Small, light design (4.7" x 3.2" x 1.4", 0.5 lb)

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Great macro capability especially with image stabilization

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Uses SD cards as its storage media (includes 4GB)

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Questionable image quality (soft, bland)

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The Xacti VPC-HD2 is an update of the Xacti VPC-HD1, improving its CCD and light sensitivity. The HD2 will work in as low light as 12.5 lux, whereas the HD1 needed 50 lux. Other than that, it is very similar to its predecessor; it records 720p HD content on a 4GB SD card at 30 frames/second. This quality doesn't come at the expense of size or price. The HD2 measures 4.69" x 3.15" x 1.42" and weighs 0.52 lbs, and can be found for under $700.

The Xacti VPC-HD2 10x, 38mm to 380mm equivalent lens is mounted on the top of the camera, designed to be held in an upright position with a  2.2" LCD swiveling from out from the side. Records MPEG-4 video at 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution, can take still photos at 7.1 megapixel resolution, and connects to your AV equipment with an HDMI connector. This product competes with the Canon PowerShot TX1. The HD2 was released January, 2007.

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06/06/2008 11:30

The Xacti E1 is waterproof.

06/06/2008 11:01

Are there any small digital camcorders that are water proof/resistant?

04/20/2007 11:06

Good points, wmacphail. I think this camera is a good choice for people who use their digital camera for video more than photos (I know a few). With this you get HD video, and amazing photos at about the same size, albeit a little more expensive.

04/20/2007 09:23

I've had this product for three weeks and love it. I use it to do a video podcast and to shoot stills. It will become my only camera, replacing my Coolpix and Casio cams.

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